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Northwest/Arctic Region partners with local & state governments for Regional Procurement Forum

On April 4, 2011,  the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA), Northwest/Arctic Region, served as one of 90 exhibitors representing prime contractors, consultants and representatives from local, state, county and federal entities, for the King County Regional Contracting Forum (RCF); Washington State's largest procurement event. This annual event is free to industry. The forum provided education to over 1000 businesses on how to identify forecasted contracting opportunities and how small businesses can bid and compete for those opportunities.

In addition to the all day exhibit hall, the forum offered training on the following categories, "Ask the Agency," a segment which allowed business owners to ask agency project management staff and contracting professionals, "Architectural Engineering/Professional Consulting", "Construction", "Job Order Contracting" and "Goods and Services. Contact: Kenyon Taylor (253) 931-7956  


Kenyon Taylor
(253) 931-7956

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