1800 F Street Modernization

Rendering of the 1800 F building

Project Description 

The GSA Central Office Building, also referred to as 1800 F Street, occupies an entire city block in northwest DC.  Built in 1917 as the home of the Department of Interior, the building later became the home of the newly formed GSA in 1949.  The existing building is approximately 710,000 square feet and was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.  The building is considered to have been the first truly modern federal office building constructed by the government and served as a model for federal offices through the early 1930’s.  In the same manner, the soon to be modernized 1800 F will serve as the new model for federal offices throughout the country.




GSA’s vision is for the project to act as a showcase project for GSA nationwide and will include multiple high performance green building initiatives. GSA is going for LEED Gold while reaching for Platinum Certification.  The modernization will improve building circulation, maximize flexibility of the space, utilize smart building technology, and utilize an open office plan with the latest improvements in Tenant Space design, technology and construction.

 Work is divided into two Phases with the building being partially occupied during both phases

Phase 1 work is being funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)Lobby of the 1800 F Street Building.

Replacement and repair of historic punched windows and sashes

Construction of two new Atrium infill structures at the south elevation of the courtyards will improve building flow by connecting the three wings at the south half of the building on all floors, adding 146,000 GSF

New street level retail/dining along the E. Street side (south side adjacent to the park)

Replacement of interior finishes

Preservation of significant historic features, specifically the North entry lobbies and corridor, and the elaborately-appointed 6th floor Administrator’s Suite

Upgrade of all building systems electrical, plumbing and mechanical, thus removing 1,500 window  air conditioning units

New/improved childcare facility, wellness/fitness center, credit union, and conference center










Last Reviewed 2015-08-10