Mary E. Switzer Building

Architect's rendering of the renovated Mary Switzer Building after modernization









Built in 1939, the Mary E. Switzer building is currently undergoing a complete modernization to include reconstruction of the site work around the entire property, restoration of the interior complete with new mechanical and electrical systems. Upon completion of the project, the Mary E. Switzer Building will be a certified High-Performance Green Building, undergoing measures to conserve energy and water. 

Roughly 571,000 square feet of office space will house the 2013 Presidential Inaugural team and agencies such as, the Department of Education, Department of Health and Human Services and Broadcasting Board of Governors (Voice of America). 

To allow partial occupancy, construction will be completed in two phases. Funded by the American Recovery and Reinstatement Act (ARRA), Phase 1 was completed in March 2008, followed by the start of Phase II in June of 2009. 

Last Reviewed 2015-03-12