General Services Administration (GSA) Child Care Subsidy Program

Notification to U.S. General Services Administration Families of Transition of Child Care Subsidy Administration from GSA to USDA effective October 1, 2016

To improve the quality and efficiency of our services, the U.S. General Services Administration has transitioned some of our financial operations to a financial shared service provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This will include child care subsidy program administration for GSA families. The transfer of program administration will be effective on October 1, 2016. The transfer is being planned to be seamless for families and child care providers, with no change in program policies or requirements and no reduction in quality of service or increase in processing time.

The GSA program application forms available on this site may be submitted to GSA through September 30, 2016. On October 1, 2016, GSA forms will no longer be available on this site and new USDA forms will be available on the USDA program website USDA Child care Subsidy Administration for GSA. USDA’s website contains instructions for submitting forms.

You may submit invoices to USDA in the GSA format until notified by USDA of a change.   

As always, you are welcome to contact GSA at (866) 508-0371 with any questions or concerns you may have. For family assistance press 1 (providers press 2) and then 3 for GSA families. Note, however, that this phone number will transfer to USDA effective October 1, 2016.   

- The GSA Child Care Subsidy Administration Team   


The General Services Administration (GSA) Child Care Subsidy Program was created to assist GSA Employees with the cost of providing day care for their children and is available to GSA Employees with an Adjusted Gross (Family) Income (AGI) of up to $67,000. The program benefit is based upon a sliding scale to determine the amount of Child Care Subsidy Benefits that Employees may be eligible for.  

Eligibility to receive benefits is based upon all documents submitted to the GSA Subsidy Administration Section for review. A determination of benefits will be completed at which time the GSA Employee will receive an email from the GSA informing them of the benefit that they may be entitled to and the effective date.

Please be advised that GSA Employees are financially responsible for all child care costs until they have been informed by the GSA that a GSA Subsidy benefit has been approved on the GSA Employee’s behalf.

Eligibility includes the following categories of GSA Employees

  1. Current GSA Employees (Contractors do not qualify)
  2. Total Family income of $67,000 and under and are:
    1. A single parent
    2. An Employee with a Spouse/Partner who is working, attending school outside of the home
  3. Using a Licensed, Registered or Accredited Child Care Home or Child Care Center

The Employee may qualify for benefits in accordance with the Eligibility Table established by the GSA.

To begin your application process:

Last Reviewed 2016-09-29