National Park Service (NPS) Child Care Subsidy (CCS) Program Application Process

Application Process Note: To help minimize the time it takes to process your Application, please ensure your package is complete and includes all required signatures before submitting to the GSA for processing.


NPS Employees who would like to apply for Child Care Subsidy Benefits under the NPS CCS Program must complete the below application package in full. The application and all supporting documents must be submitted in order for the package to receive consideration.

National Park Service (NPS) Child Care Subsidy Program Application Package [PDF - 323.30 KB]

Child Care Provider Important Notes

NPS Employees must use a Child Care Provider who meets the CBP standards and has been approved by the GSA as a qualifying Child Care Provider

  • If your Child Care Provider is not already a GSA approved Provider, they must complete the application process.  Providers may visit the GSA Provider Information website or email the GSA at for an application package
  • If you need assistance in locating a GSA approved Provider, please refer to the Child Care Provider Directory for a list of currently enrolled child care providers

Application Process

  1. Employee submits application and required supporting documentation
  2. Application reviewed for completeness and Employee eligibility
  3. Child care rates and enrollment are verified with the Child Care Provider
    1. Child must be enrolled before benefits can be awarded. If the Employee’s child/children have not already started child care, their start date must be within 30 days of the Employee’s application
    2. Child Care Provider must be a GSA approved Provider in order for an application to be processed
    3. Subsidy benefit calculations are determined based on Total Family Income, Provider Rate,  and the National Park Service Fee Tables
  4. Subsidy benefit letter is issued to Employee and Child Care Provider and will include a blank Invoice & Billing Record used to bill the GSA
  5. Child Care Provider or Employee submits invoices for payment
    1. Invoices must be submitted monthly on or after the 15th of the month
    2. Payment instructions will be provided with the benefit notification

Ongoing Employee Eligibility Requirements

  • Employee must be a current NPS Employee, contractors are not eligible
  • Spouse/Partner must be working, attending school or a combination or both
  • Employees must inform the GSA if/when their child leaves the Child Care Provider on file and/or is removed from the NPS CCS Program
  • Employees or their Spouse/Partner must sign monthly invoices in order for the NPS CCS benefit to be paid 
  • Employees are responsible for reporting any changes in their personal and/or financial situation, or that of Spouse/Partner, that may affect status as a National Park Service Child Care Subsidy recipient; such as but not limited to any change in employment, school enrollment, marriage, divorce, a partner who has entered or left the home, etc. 
    • Failure to promptly report any change to the GSA Subsidy Administration Section that causes an erroneous payment on your behalf may result in the NPS Employee’s Child Care Subsidy Benefit being terminated and subsequent collection action of the erroneous payment from the Employee
  • NPS Employees must complete the Annual Recertification process when notified in order to determine their continued eligibility in the program.  NPS Employees are allowed 30 days from notification from the GSA to complete this process.  Failure to provide all required documents/information will result in the NPS Employee’s removal from program

Ongoing Provider Eligibility Requirements

  • Providers must maintain their license, Accreditation or Registration in good standing within the state that their Child Care Program operates.  
  • Any change to the Provider’s License, Accreditation or Registration during the period or issue must be reported to the GSA Child Care Subsidy Administration Section immediately for review
  • Providers must submit an updated  license, Accreditation or Registration annually or when the applicable document expires
Last Reviewed 2016-06-24