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July 2016

Greetings, Fellow Federal Leaders!

Allison Azevedo, PBS Regional CommissionerOne of the best things about being the PBS Regional Commissioner for the Heartland Region is meeting with you -- GSA’s clients -- and learning about your agencies’ successes, challenges and goals. Throughout the past year, I have seriously enjoyed visiting with members of the Judiciary, IRS, EPA, FEMA, USMC, USDA and NNSA, and most recently with DISA, SSA, FBI, USCIS, OMHA, NARA and NOAA.

Through these engagements, we have discussed ever-increasing budget challenges, safety and security risks, and the growing importance of space utilization. These factors highlight GSA’s key role in providing expertise and space solutions to help you meet mission-critical needs in the right spaces for your employees.

A great example is Region 6 PBS in partnership with FEMA transforming its Kansas City Regional Office into its first high-performing regional workplace. Nearing the end of the design phase, the new lease and construction project will reduce the footprint by 25 percent and improve the all-in utilization rate (UR) from 246 to 183 usable square feet per person. To ease their transition, PBS shared with FEMA, and co-location partner U.S. Army North, the lessons learned and change management plan we used to move the GSA Regional Office to high-performing leased space in downtown Kansas City. To date, FEMA is on track to occupy the new space in mid-FY17.

Sharing success stories and innovative solutions like these across government is a primary reason for launching this newsletter. Heartland PBS wants this publication to be a new channel to spark conversations between federal agencies and to provide opportunities to leverage our commonalities. Please explore this first edition, share it with your employees, and let us know what topics you’d like to read about next time.

Thank you for your continued partnership in serving the American taxpayer.


Allison Azevedo

Allison H. Azevedo,
PBS Regional Commissioner


Last Reviewed 2016-07-13