PBS Account Management

Account Management

The Account Management Team is responsible for the development of strategic PBS client relationships in order to strengthen our business relationships, creating value for our clients, the taxpayer, and GSA. We accomplish this through the development and execution of a robust Account Management program.

The Account Management Team helps GSA by understanding our clients' operational needs and business drivers and translating these to into high-value solutions delivered consistently and successfully throughout the country. Operating from a macro-level perspective enables us to develop tools and strategies to achieve long-term goals with the client for mutual benefit. We are dedicated to building relationships with key client decision makers. Together we seek solutions that balance their needs with ours, while creating good value for citizens.

Agency RAM Telephone
Department of Agriculture Jessica Giannone 215-446-4599
Department of Defense Kim Hart 215-446-4588
Department of Health and Human Services Pedro Viera 215-446-4534
Department of Homeland Security Peggy Murr 215-446-2888
Department of Justice Peggy Murr 215-446-2888
Department of Labor Kim Hart 215-446-4588
Department of Treasury Dorothy Grosick 215-446-4569
Department of Veteran's Affairs Dorothy Grosick 215-446-4569
Judiciary Pedro Viera 215-446-4534
Social Security Administration (HQ) Kim Hart 215-446-4588
Social Security Administration (Region 3) Pedro Viera 215-446-4534
Securities and Exchange Commission Kim Hart 215-446-4588
Small Business Administration (SBA) Kim Hart 215-446-4588
United States Postal Service Kim Hart 215-446-4588
All Others Dorothy Grosick 215-446-4569

Last Reviewed 2016-01-22