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PBS Account Management

Regional Account Managers

A Regional Account Manager (RAM) is the customer advocate within the Region. They develop and manage relationships with Level 3 customers, feed information to Transaction Managers and the organization about customers, and bring customer concerns to the attention of regional leadership.

Agency RAM Telephone
Department of Agriculture Jessica Giannone 215-446-4599
Department of Defense Kim Hart 215-446-4588
Department of Health and Human Services Pedro Viera 215-446-4534
Department of Homeland Security Peggy Murr 215-446-2888
Department of Justice Peggy Murr 215-446-2888
Department of Labor Kim Hart 215-446-4588
Department of Treasury Dorothy Grosick 215-446-4569
Department of Veteran's Affairs Dorothy Grosick 215-446-4569
Judiciary Pedro Viera 215-446-4534
Social Security Administration (HQ) Kim Hart 215-446-4588
Social Security Administration (Region 3) Pedro Viera 215-446-4534
Securities and Exchange Commission Kim Hart 215-446-4588
Small Business Administration (SBA) Kim Hart 215-446-4588
United States Postal Service Kim Hart 215-446-4588
All Others Dorothy Grosick 215-446-4569

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