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High Value Data

We have prioritized our first two sets of digital content to be repurposed via an Application Programming Interface, or API, to improve the delivery of our eServices. While API may be a foreign term to some, anyone who has ever shared a photo from Instagram to Facebook, embedded a Slideshare presentation in LinkedIn, or put a YouTube video on a blog, has taken advantage of an API.

We actively engaged with customers to make this selection, by collecting feedback from them both directly and indirectly on the services we provide. This information was and continues to be collected on an ongoing basis using many different methods. In the past, we've used open participation surveys, via various GSA websites, for public evaluations of communications, products, and services. Currently, customer satisfaction survey tools capture feedback from customers regarding our online services. In addition, and other GSA website web metrics data provide further action-based insight into what data and services are of most value to, or most highly sought by, our customers.

The following data sets have been made available as APIs:

System Name System Description Main Customers API Link
GSA Per Diem Per Diem Rates Federal Travelers
.Gov Domains This dataset offers the list of Federal Executive Agency internet domains. Public and Federal Agencies
Federal Agency Directory Comprehensive directory of all federal agencies to enable the public to better understand how government is organized and to locate agencies of interest. Public and Federal Agencies lets government employees create short .gov URLs from official government domains, such as .gov, .mil,,, or URLs. Federal Agencies
MyUSA Provides API access to the Profile, Tasks, Notifications, and Forms functionality of Federal Agencies

GSA will continue to make existing and new data and services available via web services. Teams have also begun to consume the public APIs for internal workflows, ensuring greater efficiencies and more integrated processes.