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Second Generation FSSI Office Supply BPAs

NOTICE: There is no FSSI office supplies contract presently in place, and we are working to make an FSSI OS3 solution available as soon as possible. We advise Federal customers to fulfill their current needs through GSA's Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) 75 or through GSA Global Supply via GSAAdvantage!®. Please note all former FSSI OS2 BPA vendors hold existing contracts under MAS 75. Federal customers continue to have the option to place orders under those respective vendors' MAS 75 contracts. Please note the one-page instruction sheet on all office supply purchasing options [PDF, 39.85KB] through GSA.





Prince Choudhury
(212) 264-3025

Nelson Duncan
(212) 264-3633

National Customer Service Center
(800) 488-3111

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