GSA Digital Strategy Governance

Milestone 4.2 of the Digital Strategy requires agencies to:

Establish an agency-wide governance structure for developing and delivering digital services.  

GSA used a multi-pronged approach while leveraging the current information technology investment review process.  The Associate Administrator for the Office of Citizen Services and Innovative Technology is the Senior Executive responsible for digital services.  He reports to the Administrator of GSA and is a member of the Investment Review Board (IRB) which was established as a business-focused board that centers on IT investment decision making.  The IRB ensures that the IT portfolio meets strategic goals and provides best value for the investment dollar.  Additional role has been added to:

Ensure that GSA digital services policy and guidance align with the mission and vision of GSA and update strategic priorities as necessary.

The IT Executive Council (ITEC) reviews, makes decisions and recommendations on agency-wide technical issues and the strategic use of IT.  Strategic planning, IT portfolio management, and enterprise architecture guide the decision making process.  The ITEC sponsors five standing committees for which it has oversight responsibility.  They include:

Enterprise Architecture Committee (EARC)

Enterprise Infrastructure Committee (EIC)

Information Assurance Committee (IAC)

Portfolio Management Committee (PMC)

GSA created a Digital Services Group (DSG) chaired by the Deputy Associate Administrator for the Office of Citizen Services with members from every service and staff office/business line.  The DSG will report to the EARC and be advised strategically by the Heads of SSOs.

The DSG has the authority to implement the policies, guidance, and standards set by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the Digital Strategy.  The DSG will develop enterprise standards for digital services based on input from the business lines, define digital services, and identify opportunities to improve the customer experience across GSA through improved digital services.  The DSG will identify and recommend an enterprise digital strategy and initiatives to accomplish the strategy.  The DSG is the steward of delivering high quality digital services to ensure success in mission accomplishment across GSA.

A charter has been created, reviewed and approved for the DSG.

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Last Reviewed 2015-05-05