Federal Triangle South: Value, Efficiency, Innovation, Sustainability

Site/Location Description


Federal Triangle South represents one of the largest clusters of federal office buildings in the Metropolitan Washington DC area, and is generally bounded by Independence Ave to the North, 6th Street to the East, Maryland Avenue and portions of D Street to the South and 12th Street to the West. The area being evaluated is shown below, and currently provides office space for the Department of Energy (DOE), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and General Services Administration (GSA). The Federal buildings include: Cotton Annex, DOE Forrestal Complex, FAA Orville and Wilbur Wright Buildings and GSA’s Regional Office Building.

GSA Subject Parcels-Federal Triangle South, SW DC showing the locations of the Cotton Annex, the Department of Energy Forrestal Complex, the GSA Regional Office Building, and the Federal Aviation Administration.



Last Reviewed 2015-04-24