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On February 14, 2013, NASA's Inspector General released a final audit report on the agency's environmental remediation efforts since the early 1980s at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory.

IG-13-007 - NASA's Environmental Remediation Efforts at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory [PDF - 3.41 MB]


Freezing the Footprint

Summary: The Administration has made it a priority for Federal agencies to dispose of unneeded properties and make more efficient use of the Government’s real estate assets. As the next step in this effort, today, OMB is issuing guidance to direct agencies to implement a “Freeze the Footprint” policy for Federal real estate.

Read the OMBlog – Freezing the Footprint (March 14, 2013) >

Disposing of Unneeded Federal Real Estate

Excerpt: To eliminate wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars, save energy and water, and further reduce greenhouse gas pollution, I (President Obama) hereby direct executive departments and agencies to accelerate efforts to identify and eliminate excess properties. Agencies shall also take immediate steps to make better use of remaining real property assets as measured by utilization and occupancy rates, annual operating cost, energy efficiency, and sustainability.

Read the Presidential Memorandum – Disposing of Unneeded Federal Real Estate (June 10, 2010) >

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