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Federal Triangle South: Value, Efficiency, Innovation, Sustainability

Industry Day


The Federal Triangle South Industry Day held on January 4, 2013 was a free public meeting where additional information regarding the Request for Information was provided and where clarification was offered for submission requirements. Download the presentations below


D.C. Office of Planning Entitlement Process Overview [PDF - 3.77 MB]

GSA Overview of Transaction Authorities [PDF - 197 KB]

GSA Overview of the Request for Information [PDF - 303 KB]

National Capital Planning Commission Presentation [PDF - 6.38 MB]

Industry Day Sign In Sheet [PDF - 589 KB]

Industry Day Q&A [DOCX - 33 KB]

FTS Industry Day Agenda [PDF - 176 KB]

Project Management

Brett Banks
Project Manager
Office of Portfolio Management

Danielle Breaux
Project Manager
Office of Planning and Design Quality

U.S. General Services Administration
Public Buildings Service
301 7th Street, SW, Suite 7600 
Washington, DC 20407


L'Enfant Plaza,Independence,Ave,6th,Sixth,Maryland,Avenue,D,12th,Street,Cotton Annex,DOE,Department of Energy,Forrestal,FAA,Wright,Orville,Wilbur