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Mobility - Soft Phone
“Soft phones” and other remote devices,
allowed PBS to maintain a high level of operation
during and after the storm.


GSA’s expertise in mobility allowed us to hit the ground running during our Superstorm Sandy recovery efforts. While the destruction caused by the storm prevented most employees from  traveling into the office, we were able to maintain operations and provide critical support to our client agencies due to our experience and practice in mobile work. This new emphasis on mobile work is a testament to the changing culture of GSA. 

And it is a culture that has been slowly and steadily changing over the past few years. The Telework Enhancement Act was signed into law in December 2010, and is a significant milestone in the history of federal workplace mobility. The Telework Act officially recognized that mobile and telework capability is a valuable workplace tool, and mandated that GSA, along with our Office of Personnel Management, provide overall guidance to federal executive agencies to help them implement these programs as effectively as possible.

A culture of mobility had PBS staff
ready to support our client agencies from
anywhere power and WiFi were available.

GSA’s Telework Program Management Office is dedicated to pursuing telework as a means to create a more flexible and efficient government, and has been sharing its knowledge and best practices with all of the federal government.

So when the devastation of Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeast, bringing with it the closure of all major tunnels and bridges, and the suspension of subway, bus, and commuter rail, most GSA employees were able to function effectively from home or from alternate locations. Our familiarity with mobility tools, such as IP communicator, Google Chat/Mail, WebEx, laptops, and mobile devices allowed us to maintain our functionality, and provide essential services to the federal community.

Contact Jill Badami of the Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) at 1-212-264-4793 or to find out how GSA can help your agency use mobility tools to work more effectively, anywhere, anytime. 

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