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Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions

In FY 2011, GSA reduced scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas emissions from federal buildings for which it directly pays utilities by 20.3 percent relative to its FY 2008 baseline, well ahead of its targeted reduction of ten percent and well on its way to meeting its FY 2020 target of 28.7 percent. This represents an annual reduction of over 460,000 mt CO2e, which is equivalent to eliminating over 90,000 passenger vehicles from the road each year. GSA also reduced scope 1 emissions from its internal fleet by 9 percent relative to its FY 2008 baseline and exceeded its scope 3 emission reduction targets for electricity transmission and distribution losses and contracted solid waste disposal.

In FY 2011, GSA reduced scope 3 emissions from business travel by one percent. In FY 2012, GSA has modified its travel policy to restrict/reduce employee business travel. GSA employees may only travel to perform essential mission functions, and travel for routine management meetings requires approval from the Acting Administrator or Deputy Administrator. GSA employees are directed to first consider other options such as video teleconferencing, webinars, collaboration tools, and conference calls to conduct internal meetings, trainings conferences, seminars, without the need for travel. GSA anticipates significant reductions in business travel costs and greenhouse gas emissions going forward.

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