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Water Efficiency

In FY 2011, GSA reduced water usage in buildings subject to EO 13423 and EO 13514 reduction goals by 13.7 percent, or approximately 2.1 gallons per square foot relative to FY 2007 usage, exceeding the FY 2011 target of 8 percent. Spread out over the 164.5 million square feet of space subject to the goal, this reduction amounts to the equivalent of 523 Olympic-sized pools. GSA’s improved water efficiency, in gallons per square foot, since 2007 contributes towards avoided costs for the agency of about $4 million per year (projected for 2012). This figure represents the additional utility cost GSA would be paying today if GSA’s water performance in gallons per square foot was still at FY 2007 levels. This figure has increased significantly each year thanks to the very steady increase of water rates nationally. GSA will continue to identify and pursue water efficiency projects, and it will seek to incorporate water efficiency upgrades in the ESPCs included in its Deep Energy Retrofit Program.

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