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Sustainable Acquisition

GSA reviewed 242 new, GSA-internal contract actions out of the 4,559 sustainable acquisition goal eligible contract actions that occurred between the third quarter of FY 2011 and the second quarter of FY 2012. Of the 242 new contract actions reviewed, 232 (95.8 percent) of these contract actions were found to be compliant with established environmental criteria for green procurement actions. GSA developed and deployed green purchasing training, making it mandatory for acquisition teams and purchase card holders and available for all. To date, 5,600 GSA employees have completed the GSA green purchasing training. GSA will update its green purchasing training over the next year to include a module on greening services and the use of green products. GSA will then provide this updated training to 90 percent of its acquisition workforce by the end of FY 2013.

GSA plans to build upon the systems, processes, and procedures put in place to facilitate, track, and assure sustainable acquisition during the past year. Recent changes to the Federal Procurement Data System (FPDS) allow for some automation of the sustainable acquisition review process, but much work is needed to fully automate compliance measurement, and issues with the tracking of sustainable products and services make it difficult for GSA to assure progress towards this goal. In FY 2013, GSA will continue to refine a formal compliance monitoring system, including contract compliance reviews, to assess and improve sustainable acquisition compliance. In addition, GSA will work to standardize green statement of work language and explore development of a green verification checklist for contract officer representatives in accepting goods and services.

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