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Agency Innovation and Governmentwide Support

In FY 2011, GSA established the Federal Supply Chain Emissions Program Management Office (PMO) to identify how best to incorporate supplier GHG emissions and related sustainability considerations in the federal procurement process. The PMO is piloting the use of vendor-related sustainability considerations, especially GHG emissions inventory and management practices, within procurements. GSA has also developed a collaborative forum, the Sustainable Supply Chain Community of Practice, on for use by the federal government, industry, non-profits and academia to share lessons learned, especially educational materials for small businesses, in sustainable supply chains.

In FY 2010, GSA partnered with the EPA to launch a three-year pilot program to help small businesses complete GHG emissions inventories. FY 2011 was the second year of this pilot and more than half of the small business participants (46) completed their GHG emissions inventory. The pilot has identified that, for some small businesses, there is greater benefit in completing an energy efficiency plan as a first step before starting a GHG emissions inventory. Insights gathered from these efforts will be included in recommendations issued to OMB and CEQ in FY 2013.

In FY 2013, GSA will expand its GHG accounting processes to include scope 3 emissions from leased buildings. GSA will then begin examining ways in which it can share scope 3 emissions data from leased buildings with its tenant agencies and work with these agencies on strategies that will aid in reducing these emissions.

In February 2012, GSA’s Office of Federal High Performance Green Buildings (OFHPGB) and Federal Acquisition Service launched the Green Products Compilation (GPC) module within OFHPGB’s Sustainable Facilities Tool. The GPC helps federal agencies identify environmental purchasing programs, such as Energy Star and WaterSense, and requirements such as recycled content and biobased content, applicable to different products and services. It currently lists products with environmental or energy attributes identified by EPA, DOE, or USDA environmental programs. It also links users to environmental program web sites, identifies applicable Federal Acquisition Regulation requirements, lists potential purchasing options, and provides additional guidance for certain products. The GPC is available at

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