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GSA Climate Adaptation Plan

GSA has completed its first Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CAP), submitted with the FY 2012 Sustainability Plan. The CAP outlines important actions that GSA has taken to date and actions that GSA will undertake in FY 2013 to better understand and address the risks and opportunities brought on by climate change. In FYs 2011 and 2012, GSA completed a high level climate vulnerability assessment along with a series of climate priority actions. In FY 2013, GSA will work to integrate adaptation into key business processes and documents; begin planning and training sessions that will help GSA better serve its customers with respect to climate risk mitigation; repeat and expand regional pilots assessing potential climate change risks and adaptation priorities; assess demand and supply for climate science and adaptation service offerings to assist agencies with adaptation planning and risk mitigation; and work with other agencies to continue to advance planning tools and actionable science.

Climate Change Adaptation Plan (CAP) [PDF - 250 KB]

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