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Goal 4. Water Use Efficiency and Management

Agency-Specific Performance Metrics for Potable Water Intensity Reduction

Chart showing progress toward potable water intensity reduction goals. Annual figures given in gallons per gross square foot.  2007 baseline: 15.3; 2010: 14 (7.9% reduction); 2011: 13 (13.7%); 2015 Target: 13 (16.0%); 2020 Target: 11 (26.0%)

Note: E.O. 13514 requires agencies to reduce potable water intensity by 2% annually through FY2020, compared to an FY2007 baseline. Consequently, by FY2011 agencies are required to reduce potable water intensity by 8%, compared to an FY2007 baseline. A 16% reduction is required by FY 2015 and a 26% reduction is required by FY2020. The red bar represents the agency’s FY2007 baseline. The green bars represent the FY2015 and FY2020 target reductions. The blue bars show actual status in relationship to the target. The percentage on each bar shows the reduction or increase from the FY2007 baseline.



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