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The table of contents below lists the individual chapters of the PBS Leasing Desk Guide, linked to Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. The documents are printable but read-only, and cannot be altered without permission. For further information, or if you have questions or suggestions, contact the PBS Office of Leasing—Center for Realty Policy (askPR@GSA.gov).

 Leasing Desk Guide

Date Issued Chapter Type Subject
05/05/2014 TOC PDF Leasing Desk Guide Table of Contents[PDF - 135.52 KB]
09/30/2011 Introduction PDF


General Information, Lease Authorities, and Responsibilities

09/30/2010 1 PDF Requirements Development
09/30/2010 2 PDF New or Replacing Lease
05/31/2011 3 PDF Simplified Lease Acquisition
09/30/2013 4 PDF Streamlined Lease
12/23/2014 5 PDF Succeeding Lease, Superseding Lease
09/04/2014 6 PDF Change in Square Footage-Expansion and Reduction
02/15/2011 7 PDF Lease Extension
05/31/2011 8 PDF Alterations in Leased Space
07/14/2011 9 PDF Renewal Options
02/15/2011 10 PDF Lease Holdovers, Standstill Agreements, and Condemnations
09/06/2011 11 PDF Prospectus Leases
09/30/2010 12 PDF Disaster Leasing
09/27/2011 13 PDF Source Selection
04/29/2011 14 PDF Lease Construction
09/30/2010 15 PDF Hoteling
09/30/2010 16 PDF National Broker Contract Leases
09/19/2011 17 PDF Lease Administration
09/19/2012 18 PDF Sustainability and Environmental Considerations
09/28/2012 19 PDF Security
10/27/2010 20 PDF On-Airport Leasing for TSA and Other Agencies
05/05/2014 21 PDF Warehouse Leases
02/23/2011 Appendix A PDF Terminology
11/21/2013 Appendix B PDF Lease File Checklists
02/25/2015 Appendix C PDF Forms, Samples, and Models
05/11/2015 Appendix D PDF Fire Protection and Life Safety
01/18/2011 Appendix E PDF Accessibility
03/04/2011 Appendix F PDF Determination of Operating or Capital Lease Classification for Budget Scoring
09/18/2012 Appendix G PDF Seismic Safety in Leasing
11/01/2013 Appendix H PDF Parking Acquisition

The three files listed below combine multiple LDG documents into searchable Adobe Portfolio files. Due to GSA.gov file size restrictions the LDG is split into three portfolios. 

Download a portfolio file by right clicking the link, then choose "Save Link As..." and save the file to your computer. This file is viewed best with Adobe Reader 9 or later.

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