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Current Realty Services Letters (RSLs)

The following Realty Services Letters (RSLs) are currently in effect. Some RSLs have been superseded in part by Lease Acquisition Circulars (LACs). In any instance of overlap or discrepancy between them, LACs are the final authoritative source of leasing policy and guidance. Over time the Office of Real Estate Acquisition will be issuing additional LACs to update and replace these current RSLs, which will then be cancelled.

Date Issued Number Type Subject
09/28/2010 RSL-2010-02 PDF Energy Star® Requirement for Lease Acquisition with attachments 1–3
07/30/2010 RSL-2010-01 PDF Reissuance of Realty Service Letters
08/12/2009 RSL-2009-06 PDF Acquisition Planning for Leases Revised
06/02/2009 RSL-2009-04 PDF Process for Lease Actions Funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)
04/29/2009 RSL-2009-02 PDF Revising GSA Form 3626, U.S. Government Lease for Real Property
02/19/2009 RSL-2009-01 PDF Posting of Justifications for Other than Full and Open Competitions on the Federal Business Opportunities ("FedBizOpps" Website)
09/26/2008 RSL-2008-07 PDF Special Aspects of Contracting for Succeeding Leases
08/22/2008 RSL-2008-06 PDF Procedures for FEMA Emergency and Disaster Leases
08/22/2008 RSL-2008-05 PDF Price Preference for Historic Properties in Lease Acquisitions
08/22/2008 RSL-2008-04 PDF Revised Solicitation for Offers Template, Revised Form 1364, Security Unit Price List
08/20/2008 RSL-2008-03 PDF Revised Policy on the Determination of Operating or Capital Lease Classification for Budget Scorekeeping Purposes
06/13/2008 RSL-2008-01 PDF Fire and Casualty Damage Clause Modification
12/27/2007 RSL-2007-12 PDF Green Lease Policies and Procedures for Lease Acquisition
10/30/2007 RSL-2007-11 PDF Free Space in a Leased Location
10/23/2007 RSL-2007-10 PDF Leasing Delegations Approval and Oversight
10/23/2007 RSL-2007-09 PDF Tax Adjustment Clause Enforcement
03/30/2007 RSL-2007-06 PDF Tenant Improvement Project Management Support
03/19/2007 RSL-2007-05 PDF Tenant Improvement Costs/ Reimbursable Work Authorization Tracker and Agency Concurrence for RWA Expenditure
03/19/2007 RSL-2007-04 PDF Price Reasonableness Determinations and Notices to Proceed for Tenant Improvements Supplemental Lease Agreement for Excess TI's
03/19/2007 RSL-2007-03 PDF Tenant Improvements Schedule and Submittals Revisions in the Solicitation for Offers
01/29/2007 RSL-2007-01 PDF Updated Lease Representations and Certifications
11/28/2006 RSL-2006-09 PDF Lease SFO Revisions for National Broker Contract
10/30/2006 RSL-2006-07 PDF Airport Leasing for the TSA
10/06/2006 RSL-2006-06 PDF Central Contractor Registration and Electronic Funds for Lease Payments - Supplemental Guidance
05/31/2006 RSL-2006-03 PDF Accessibility in New Construction Lease Space
05/10/2006 RSL-2006-02 PDF Mandatory Use of eLease (amended)
11/29/2005 PQ-2005-11 PDF Lease Security Standards
11/14/2005 PQ-2005-09 PDF Revised General Clauses
07/29/2005 PQ-2005-07 PDF Central Contractor Registration
06/28/2005 PQ-2005-06 PDF Revised Lease File Checklist and Guidance
05/13/2005 PQ-2005-05 PDF Lease SFO Revisions for National Broker Contract
05/04/2005 PQ-2005-04 PDF Fire Protection, Life Safety and Environmental Procedures in Lease Acquisition
02/15/2005 PQ-2005-03 PDF Annual Review of STAR User Access to Ensure Proper Segregation of Duties and Electronic Data Security
01/18/2005 PQ-2005-01 PDF Obtaining and Disseminating Schedules of Lease Periodic Services Other than Daily, Weekly or Monthly
08/02/2004 PQ-2004-03 PDF Initial Cataloging of Lease Files
08/13/2003 PE-2003-05 PDF Davis-Bacon Act and the Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property Clarification and SFO Revision
07/01/2003 PE-2003-03 PDF "Office Hoteling" Leasing
06/30/2003 PE-2003-02 PDF Adjusting Discount Rates and Inflation Rates for Lease Offer Analysis
03/14/2003 PE-2003-01 PDF Rural Development Act Compliance
03/28/2002 PE-2002-03 PDF Relocation Assistance for Lease Construction
02/21/2002 PE-2002-02 PDF Regional Real Estate Peer Review
12/21/2001 PX-2001-05 PDF Lease File Secure Storage
09/21/2001 PX-2001-03 PDF Guidance on Use of the SFO and Lease Forms
07/03/1996 PER-96-03 PDF Appraisal Requirements for Lease Acquisition
12/20/1995 PER-95-06 PDF Executive Order 12072/ Implementation of Urban Location Policy
08/18/1995 PER-95-03 PDF Simplified Procedures for Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property
09/13/1994 PQRP-94-07 PDF Davis-Bacon Act and the Acquisition of Leasehold Interests in Real Property
06/24/1993 PQRP-93-02 PDF Document Requirements for Non-Recurring Lease Payments Pursuant to the Prompt Payment Act


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