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Broker Contract 3 (BC3)

Image of GSA Leasing National Broker Contact

Broker Contract 3 (BC3) is the potential replacement or follow on contract to National Broker Contract 2 (NBC2).  


Question: Why is GSA working on BC3 when NBC2 has several more option years?

Answer:  GSA is working to improve and innovate with the next generation of the broker contract - proper acquisition planning (starting early, gathering feedback from industry, looking at best practices, etc) should ensure improvements and innovations in BC3 will be seamless and create a better value for taxpayers

Question:  When will the BC3 solicitation come out?
Answer:  We are still early in acquisition planning and have yet to determine a specific date.

Question:  How many contractors does BC3 anticipate utilizing?
Answer:  We have yet to make a determination on the number of contractors that should be a part of BC3

Question: How will BC3 incorporate small business owners?
Answer: We continue to seek feedback on this issue - our social media site and the Industry Day venues would be a great opportunity to provide thoughts/ideas in regards to this matter


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