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DFC Building 41

Building 41 entrance

General Information
One Denver Federal Center
Building 41
Denver, CO 80225

Current Tenants
US General Services Administration, Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Personnel Management, Federal Occupational Health, and Bureau of Land Management

Building 41 was originally constructed in 1941 as part of an ammunitions plant. The building has been upgraded to office and warehouse space over the years. Today, the two-story, red brick building offers a mix of office, conference, warehousing and food service space.

Recent changes will bring two new tenants into the building. GSA entered into agreements with U.S. Bank and the USGS to backfill the newly available spaces off the main lobby of Building 41. The USGS is in the planning stages to relocate a reference library off the main lobby of Building 41, and build-out is scheduled to commence within the next few months. 

Latest Building Amenity

In the spring of 2013, U.S.Bank opened its doors for its full service On-Site Bank Branch inside the Denver Federal Center. Campus tenants will have access to U.S. Bank’s wide range of banking services such as checking/savings accounts, loans, credit cards, mortgages and investments.

The branch is located on the ground level of Building 41.  The hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. There will also be one full-service U.S. Bank ATM located at the branch.

The bank branch has three Bankers ready to serve all Denver Federal Center employees. Visit U.S. Bank (non-government website) online for more information.

Mobile Workspace

Building 41 has seen a remarkable transformation to a workspace that fosters a mobile work environment. Within GSA space, there are many examples of shared spaces and meeting rooms for all GSA employees to utilize.  In addition, employees work in an open floor plan with mobile workstations, allowing for maximum collaboration.  The wireless network in the building allows associates to work from anywhere. Tours of the GSA office are offered to interested groups upon request.

Building Information

Vacant Space: Currently, there are 44,437 rentable square feet of vacant warehouse space in the building.  

Maintenance Issues: To report building maintenance issues, please contact the Rocky Mountain Call Center.  


  • 432 parking spaces
  • DFC Joint-Use conference room
  • TelePresence area
  • U.S. Bank
  • ATM
  • Einstein Bagels
  • Vendor table events
  • Loading dock
  • Freight elevator

The primary tenant of this 488,124 square foot building is the US General Services Administration.  Other federal tenants include the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Personnel Management, Federal Occupational Health, and Bureau of Land Management.


Michael Klein
(303) 236-2805

Andrew Myers
(303) 236-5377

Rocky Mountain Call Center
(888) 999-4777

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