Listed below are the policy documents and memos that drive and define the overall Total Workplace initiative.

File Name Format Size Date 
Executive Order 13514
Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy, and Economic Performance
PDF 240 KB October 2009
OMB Memo, Promoting Efficient Spending to Support Agency Operations
Provides guidance to agencies to ensure that operational spending is conducted efficiently, specially focusing on reductions in travel and conferences.
PDF 1.2 MB May 2012
GSA Mobility and Telework Policy PDF 285 KB 2010
GSA Sustainability Policy
Describes how GSA strives to meet its mission to provide innovative solutions for our customers in a way that eliminates the agency's environmental footprint.
PDF 551 KB June 2010
Presidential Memo, Disposing of Unnecessary Federal Real Estate
Presidential memo from June 2010 focusing on disposing of Unneeded federal real estate
PDF 44 KB June 2010


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