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Mobile IT Products

The period of performance for these BPAs is September 7, 2013 - September 6, 2015.

Listed below are BPAs that are available to federal, state, and local government agencies with links that lead to nongovernment commercial websites.

BPA Holders

Industry Partner Socioeconomic
BPA Number
New Technology Solutions, Inc.
(510) 353-4070 x307
Small Disadvantaged Business GS-26F-AA030
Unistar-Sparco Computers, Inc.
(901) 872-2272
Small Disadvantaged Business GS-26F-AA004

GSA Points of Contact

GSA Function Point of Contact
GSA BPA Contracting Officer Hassan Harris
(404) 215-8705
GSA Contract Specialist Linda James
(404) 215-6904

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