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George C. Young U.S. Federal Building and Courthouse Renovation

News Release
Southeast Sunbelt Region

February 28, 2013

BACKGROUNDER: George C. Young United States Federal Building and Courthouse


The $53.4M renovation of the George C. Young Courthouse has converted the Orlando landmark into a high-performing building that will save on energy costs.  More than 625 jobs were created as a result of the renovation project funded by the Recovery Act.  One-third of the project’s contract dollars went to small businesses, including businesses owned by veterans, disabled veterans, and women, among others.

The three-year project included:

  • Renovation and upgrades of the plumbing, lighting and fire protection systems;
  • Removal of all asbestos containing materials;
  • Construction of a new stair and elevator tower to free up space for new courtrooms;
  • Replacement of air handling units, fan coil units, ductwork and insulation;
  • Space reconfiguration to meet tenants’ needs;
  • Upgrades to the public spaces; and
  • Replacement of elevator cab finishes and controls.

Some of the features expected to help the Courthouse reduce energy usage by 40% and achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certification include:

  • A rainwater reclamation system that allows for the collection of rain water to be used in waste elimination and cooling tower refill, saving roughly 3000 gallons of water monthly.
  • Daylight harvesting and automated light controls allow the use of natural daylight to be the primary source of illumination and sense the occupancy of specific areas to reduce unneeded energy consumption.
  • Intelligent building automation controls that allow for maximum utilization of efficient airflow and conditioning.
  • The use of completely sustainable products in the construction and finish products.
  • The design of a fully green janitorial process utilizing only non-caustic products in the maintenance of janitorial items.
  • Waterless and energy efficient devices in restroom facilities, as well as the removal of paper product waste.
  • The design and installation of an “Ice” generating system (glycol) which creates coolant during non-peak times and stores it for use to either fully cool the building or to be utilized to augment the cooling system and shave energy cost by an estimated 40%.  This could result in as much as $200,000 - $300,000 in savings annually for energy consumption.
  • The installation of an intelligent irrigation system for landscaped areas, which determines the level of soil moisture in each zone and only waters when necessary.
  • The redesign and installation of drought tolerant turf and plants to reduce irrigation requirements and the need for pesticides and herbicides.

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