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Current Lease Acquisition Circulars (LAC)

The following Lease Acquisition Circulars (LAC) are currently in effect. Some LAC's have superseded previous Realty Service Letters (RSL) issued prior to FY2011. In any instance of overlap or discrepancy between a LAC and/or RSL, LAC's are the final authoritative source of leasing policy and guidance. Over time, the Office of Leasing will be issuing LAC's to update and replace active RSL's, which will subsequently be cancelled.

Date Issued Number Type Subject
09/25/2015 LAC-2015-06 PDF Issuance of Global RLP and Lease Templates
09/04/2015 LAC-2015-05 PDF Timely Activation of Leases, Initiation of Lease Payments and R-620s
09/03/2015 LAC-2015-04 PDF New and Revised Leasing Forms and Templates for Small Leases
05/11/2015 LAC-2015-03 PDF Fire Protection and Life Safety (FPLS) updates
04/15/2015 LAC-2015-02 PDF Lease policy implementing the PBS Key Sustainable Products (KSP)
04/09/2015 LAC-2015-01 PDF Revisions to Leasing Forms and Templates
12/23/2014 LAC-2014-07 PDF Revisions to Leasing Desk Guide, Chapter 5 Succeeding Lease, Superseding Lease
09/29/2014 LAC-2014-06 PDF Lease Requirements for Protection of Environmental, Archaeological, and Historic Resources
09/17/2014 LAC-2014-05 PDF Procedures for Server Room Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Requirements in Leases
09/04/2014 LAC-2014-04 PDF Revisions to Leasing Desk Guide Chapter 6
07/31/2014 LAC-2014-03 PDF Lease Acquisition Circular (LAC) reissues expiring Realty Services Letters (RSLs)
05/05/2014 LAC-2014-02 PDF Chapter 21: Warehouse
05/01/2014 LAC-2014-01 PDF Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP)
11/21/2013 LAC-2013-06 PDF Correction to the LDG Appendix B, Lease File Checklists
11/01/2013 LAC-2013-05 PDF Leasing Desk Guide, Appendix H: Parking Acquisition
09/30/2013 LAC-2013-04 PDF Leasing Desk Guide, Appendix B: Lease File Checklists
09/30/2013 LAC-2013-03 PDF Revision to RLP and Lease Templates
09/30/2013 LAC-2013-02 PDF Leasing Desk Guide, Chapter 4: Streamlined Lease Model
03/14/2013 LAC-2013-01 PDF Revision to Simplified Lease Form (L201A) and General Clauses (GSA Form 3517A)
09/28/2012 LAC-2012-06 PDF Leasing Desk Guide, Chapter 19, Security
09/18/2012 LAC-2012-05 PDF Leasing Desk Guide, Chapter 18, Sustainability and Environmental Considerations
09/18/2012 LAC-2012-04 PDF Leasing Desk Guide, Appendix G, Seismic Safety in Leasing
09/10/2012 LAC-2012-03 PDF Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM)
06/01/2012 LAC-2012-02 PDF Issuance of RLP and Lease Templates
03/01/2012 LAC-2012-01 PDF Application of the HUB Zone Price Preference to Leasing
09/30/2011 LAC-2011-14 PDF Lease Proposals Transmitted by E-mail
09/29/2011 LAC-2011-13 PDF Sustainability Updates
09/27/2011 LAC-2011-12 PDF Chapter 13: Source Selection
09/26/2011 LAC-2011-11 PDF Appendix D: Fire Protection and Life Safety
09/19/2011 LAC-2011-10 PDF Chapter 17: Lease Administration
09/06/2011 LAC-2011-09 PDF Chapter 11: Prospectus Level Leases
07/14/2011 LAC-2011-08 PDF Chapter 9: Renewal Options
05/31/2011 LAC-2011-07 PDF Chapter 3: Simplified Lease Acquisition and Chapter 8: Alterations in Leased Space
04/29/2011 LAC-2011-06 PDF Chapter 14: Lease Construction
03/04/2011 LAC-2011-05 PDF Appendix F: Determination of Operating or Capital Lease Classification  for Budget Scoring
02/23/2011 LAC-2011-04 PDF Appendix A: Glossary of Terminology
02/15/2011 LAC-2011-03 PDF Chapter 7: Lease Extensions
02/15/2011 LAC-2011-02 PDF Chapter 10: Lease Holdovers, Standstill Agreements and Condemnations
01/28/2011 LAC-2011-01 PDF Appendix E: Accessibility Standards
12/17/2010 LAC-2010-03 PDF Chapter 5: Succeeding Lease. Superseding Lease & Chapter 6: Change in Square Footage Expansion and Reduction
10/27/2010 LAC-2010-02 PDF Chapter 20: On-Airport Leasing, Revised SFO Carpet Specification & Prescription for Use of the SF-2
09/30/2010 LAC-2010-01 PDF Leasing Desk Guide Revisions
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