Employee Updates

Meet our newest building managers!

Image of Tim and Kenna, GSA employeesTim Van Vliet and Kenna Stoneman served together in the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa. Kenna was a Community Economic Development Volunteer with a focus on rural food security, while Tim was an Urban Agriculture Volunteer with a focus on at-risk youth advocacy.

Upon completing Peace Corps service, Kenna went on a tropical jaunt, backpacking through Madagascar, India and Hawaii. Tim went on a winter adventure, traveling by train to Christmas markets and museums in Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania.

After returning to the United States, both Kenna and Tim—unbeknownst to each other—applied to GSA. Now they both work as buildings managers. Kenna is on the DFC “Team Central” and manages Building 41. Tim joins the DFC “Team West,” and manages Building 56.

Tim’s current goal is to get Kenna to visit him in Littleton. Kenna’s goal is to get Tim to finally make her a pie (as promised). Tim will happily make that pie once Kenna visits him in Littleton.

One of them used to collect cacti, while the other currently collects stamps. They both like being surrounded by good friends, reading books, watching Game of Thrones and eating dessert.






Last Reviewed 2016-08-03