GSA Fleet Drive-thru Brochures and Manuals

Below is a list of how-to materials providing instructions to help get started with GSA Fleet Drive-thru applications.


With CRASH - Collision, Repair, Accident, & Systems History - anyone can track GSA Fleet vehicle accident activity, past and present:

CRASH Brochure  [PDF, 153MB].

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Federal Automotive Statistical Tool (FAST) reporting tool:vehicle inventory, acquisition, disposal, and expense and fuel consumption data:

FAST User Guide [PDF, 436KB].

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File Transfer Protocol

Download the FTP template, which can be used to format an FTP file. Vehicle Class and Tag information can be stored each month to save time and energy. Step-by-step instructions on how to use and save the template can be found in the FTP Upload Tool User Guide.

FTP Template [PDF, 9.54KB].

The FTP Monthly Mileage Upload Tool is the latest enhancement to the FTP mileage reporting process.

FTP Upload Tool User Guide  [PDF, 1.64MB].

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Fleet Drive-thru

A handy user's guide that will allow you to get up and run with GSA Fleet Drive-thru:

GSA Fleet Drive-thru User's Guide [PDF, 1.22MB].

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GORP provides the most cost effective and efficient mileage reporting tool to date. This brochure will provide a brief overview of the process:

GORP Brochure [PDF, 72.48KB].

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Mileage Express

The Mileage Express Brochure is a quick reference guide on reporting vehicle mileage via the Internet:

Mileage Express Brochure [PDF, 1.81MB].

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Reports Carryout

Anyone can generate vehicle inventory reports with Reports Carryout:

Reports Carryout Brochure  [PDF, 2.58MB].

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Speed Pay can assist customers by making bill paying simple: 

SpeedPay Brochure  [PDF, 3.24MB].

Instructions and FAQs: 

Speed Pay Guide  [PDF, 456KB].

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Provides information on how a customer who leases GSA vehicles can request a new WEX fuel card:

Quick Step Guide - WEX Replacement Card Module [PDF, 240KB].

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Last Reviewed 2016-01-14