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In Washington, DC  100SF of space = $5,000 and 1 Ton of CO2 emissions, Working from home 1 day per week can save 1 ton of CO2e / year, Converting 2 enclosed offices to open layout can save 2 tons of CO2e / year,Cutting a square foot of office space can save 30lbs of CO2e / year,Lighting and air quality conditions are perceived to enhance the ability to work....74% (lighting) and 61% (air quality)

Additional Tools & Resources

Case Study
A leading Federal Agency
60% reduction in usable sq.ft per person (USF/pp)
Subleasing rented space & Desk Sharing
Carbon savings of 559lbs. of CO2 per person

Looking for tools to help calculate your organization's current carbon footprint? Need assistance selecting sustainable materials and other sustainable decision-making? Here are two tools that can help:

  • Carbon Footprint Tool

    Compares existing square footage and headcounts to future square footage and headcounts and estimates project greenhouse gas emission savings in total, per square foot and per capita.

  • Sustainable Facilities Tool

    Explore this easy-to-navigate tool to identify and prioritize cost-effective green building strategies you can implement to incorporate sustainable concepts into any remodel or small project. Learn how to select sustainable materials, incorporate daylighting strategies, educate your occupants, save on water, conserve energy and reference relevant regulations. Compare materials and systems, access design guidance, ask questions and even share your knowledge to help others green their projects as well.

Last Reviewed 2015-11-10