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Mobile Device & Application Management

mobile phone security key concept

The need to control mobile devices in an agency is critical. You can control mobile assets and comply with federal policies and administrative initiatives by using GSA’s Managed Mobility Program, which meets Milestone 5.5 of the Digital Government Strategy. The User Guide [PDF, 816KB] and other resources are designed to:

  • Define potential sources of supply for government to securely manage mobile devices and platforms, and set up and manage mobile applications and enterprise data on mobile devices;
  • Allow agencies to fully manage mobile devices and applications;
  • Enable wireless assets to become fully integrated components of the IT enterprise;
  • Improve security, integration, and mobile application adoption; and
  • Increase access to data, applications, and services.

GSA and a cross-government team identified a set of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) functional requirements [PDF, 861KB]. They also identified potential solutions that can meet those requirements, and be procured through existing government-wide contracts. GSA's resources are available for agencies to reference and use to find MDM and MAM solutions.

The MDM/MAM resources include:

  • A complete set of requirements [PDF, 861KB] and a Statement of Work [PDF, 1,843KB] that adheres to existing federal policies and administrative priorities;
  • Potential sources of supply that satisfy the greatest government need as measured against the baseline requirements;
  • An acquisition pathway through existing governmentwide procurement vehicles;
  • Help with acquisition strategy development and scope reviews; and
  • An adaptable, repeatable mechanism that can account for variable market conditions.

In future phases, GSA will look at ways to grow, scale, evaluate, and improve new technologies, including:

For more information, view the July 2013 MDM/MAM webinar [MP4, 2.7KB].


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