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Federal Agencies Working Together To Save Taxpayer Dollars

A handful of people delivering laptop computers to EPA


In September 2013, the GSA Rocky Mountain Region donated 86 surplus computers to the US Environmental Protection Agency in Denver. With shrinking government budgets, federal agencies are taking advantage of being able to share available resources through GSAXcess®. This transfer value is approximately $25,800.

“It’s great to be able to share resources among the federal community,” said Sue Damour, Rocky Mountain Regional Administrator. “What better way to support the mission of EPA than by reducing electronic waste going into landfills and giving gently used computers an extended life?”

provides agencies with a means of electronically reporting their un-required personal property to GSA. It is also used as a source of supply for customers seeking property that has been reported and is available for transfer. Agencies can search federal inventory through a process known as screening, and they can request property for transfer by selecting specific items.

“EPA appreciates this generous assist from our partners at GSA,” said Don Serina, director of EPA’s information systems program in Denver.  “We will be able to use these laptops to help meet some pressing technology needs in our regional office.”

By some estimates, re-using just one computer prevents 30 pounds of hazardous waste and 77 pounds of solid waste from entering landfills, and prevents over 17 gallons of water and 32 tons of air from being polluted.  

The U.S. General Services Administration is proud to sponsor the GSAXcess®.  Interested agencies should go to to browse the available equipment and select what they need, and pick up desired items.


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