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The President’s Executive Order and accompanying Open Data Policy – Managing Information as an Asset, issued on May 9, 2013, expand on the principles of Open Government to make the Federal government more open, transparent and collaborative with its citizens, stakeholders and the public. The policy requires that agencies open up new data and information, making them available in machine-readable formats. The publicly released data will provide fuel for innovation in both government and industry, allow better decision making by our government, provide collaboration opportunities for the public with their government, and make open data the new norm in federal information technology. GSA will continue to make new datasets available to the public on this site and across

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GSA Datasets

GSA has categorized its public data listing to facilitate search and an improved customer experience on this site. Click on a category below to view the datasets in that category.  APIs and their documentation are detailed on   For more information or data requests, please contact

A version of this information is also available as a JSON file.

GSA will continuously update this listing and provide information on data that is being considered high priority with an estimated timeframe for its release.

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