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Waste and Pollution Reduction

Goal 5: Pollution Prevention & Waste Reduction

GSA diverted 43 percent of non-hazardous solid waste generated in 374 facilities from landfills through its recycling programs, generating $1.3 million in recycling revenues. The recycling revenues were distributed to Federal agencies participating in GSA's building recycling programs, and support the Child Care Tuition Assistance Program and pollution prevention programs.  GSA also expanded food waste organics composting to 29 buildings.

Evaluation Measures and Successes

GSA diverted 43 percent of its non-hazardous solid waste from landfills in 374 facilities through its recycling programs, generating $1.3 million in recycling receipts and avoiding an estimated $2.8 million in landfill disposal costs.

Planned Actions

-In late FY 2013, GSA will develop a communication plan and educational materials, guidance, and training to promote waste reduction at GSA owned buildings, primarily for property managers. One of the educational components is the development of a Solid Waste Module in Sustainable Facilities Tool ( to promote pollution prevention and green procurement. GSA will also initiate a pilot study of onsite landscape waste composting at 4 GSA facilities in separate climate areas-- California, Texas, Colorado, and Ohio-- to test low-cost, small-scale onsite composting methods.

-In FY 2013, GSA will improve demolition and construction (D&C) waste management  by establishing a national program that includes guidance and an online D&C Waste Management web-based Toolkit, identifying available tools. An electronic system of record to capture the data will also be identified this FY, with pilot testing occurring in FY 2014.

-By third quarter of FY 2014, GSA will revise its chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) and hydrochlorofluorocarbon  (HCFC) inventory baseline and commence additional reductions of CFCs from the portfolio. GSA will donate at least 50 percent of the eligible CFCs from its revised baseline to DoD by the end of FY 2015.  In the interim, GSA will continue to excess CFCs and HCFC.

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