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Electronic Stewardship and Data Centers

Goal 7: Electronics Stewardship

GSA has a role in reducing the IT energy footprint in its buildings. There are more than 1,400 data centers operated by tenant agencies in space leased from GSA. The total area of these energy intensive data spaces (excluding server closets with areas less than 500 square feet) comprises 3.6 million square feet. GSA works to make energy efficient electronics available to Federal agencies and facilitates the responsible and cost-effective disposal of such electronics through the issuance of Federal e-waste disposal regulation and the development of innovative solutions for e-waste take-back. GSA also provides innovative solutions that allow Federal agencies to transition their data management and computing services to the Cloud.

Evaluation Measures and Successes

-In FY 2012, 100 percent of GSA's electronics acquisitions were Federal Energy Management Program designated and ENERGY STAR qualified; 100 percent of GSA electronic product acquisitions were EPEAT-registered; and 100 percent of computers were power-management  enabled.

-In FY 2012, all GSA e-waste was disposed of using GSA Xcess, Computers for Learning, Unicor, or an R2 or E-stewards certified private recycler.

Planned Actions

-In February 2012, GSA issued e-waste disposal management guidance (FMR Bulletin B-34) that identifies best disposal practices for Federal e-waste. GSA is working with the White House Council on Environmental Quality, Office of Management and Budget, and US Environmental Protection Agency to develop e-waste regulation in accordance with this guidance and intends to issue the final regulation by the end of FY 2014. In FY 2014, GSA will develop training and outreach materials that will assist Federal agencies in complying with the new regulation. In addition, GSA is currently exploring offerings that will help agencies comply with the new regulation and will, if feasible, identify and make available such offerings by the end of FY 2014.

-By the end of FY 2013, GSA will make EPEAT-registered imaging equipment and televisions available to Federal agencies through Schedules 36, 51V, 70, and 75 and the FSSI Print Management BPAs.

-In accordance with recent Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative Program Management Office (FDCCI PMO) guidance, GSA IT has identified three of 119 data centers as ‘core’ data centers. Of its 116 non-core data centers, 75 percent (87 data centers) are slated to be closed, which is in excess of OMB’s government-wide goal of 40 percent by FY 2015.

-By the end of FY 2013, GSA will remove 90 percent of the over 3,000 personal printers in the GSA printer inventory, allowing individuals to retain personal printers only in instances where it is essential to executing GSA’s mission. In FY 2014, GSA will eliminate unnecessary network printers from the GSA printer inventory. GSA is working to reduce its employee-to-printer ratio from a high of 2.6:1 to 14:1 by the end of FY 2014. GSA estimates annual savings of approximately $2.7 million as a result of this effort.

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