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Climate Change Resilience

Goal 9: Climate Change Resilience

GSA is taking an Incremental, Iterative, and Integrated (I3) approach to climate change adaptation by building capacity through climate literacy and organizational learning within the agency’s business models. Working in a risk management framework that considers incremental climate change, GSA’s climate change adaptation actions are flexible and designed to respond to the emergent nature of this risk. This flexibility allows the agency to include the evolving science and demographics in various time and spatial scales and make adjustments in the overall Federal Government response.


-Four primary business processes and guidance documents include climate risk factors.   

-The National Account Manager workforce built capacity and capability to meet the Federal customer demand for climate resilient facilities and supply chain.

-Regions 6 and 11 built capacity, capability, and confidence to assess climate risks with a specific customer for a mission-critical site and their supply chain.

-The demand and supply for an integrated service offering was defined through a Request for Information (RFI) co-developed with other Federal agencies for climate change adaptation assistance.

-An infrastructure for decision support was enhanced through continued engagement with Federal science agencies, the Agency Adaptation Planning Subgroup, and others to obtain information on climate science, demographic change, mission valuation, and emergent adaptation approaches.

Planned Actions

-In FY 2014, GSA will develop a mechanism to inform Federal customers of climate change adaptation services available through GSA acquisition vehicles.

-In FY 2014, GSA’s Climate Change Adaptation Team will develop standard operating procedures for GSA organizations to consider and follow when requesting assistance for their climate change adaptation activities.

-In FY 2014 and FY 2015, GSA’s Climate Change Adaptation Team will provide climate literacy training to organizations within the agency that request the Team’s assistance, including those that are working with the Team on integrating climate risks into their business processes and guidance documents. The Team will provide training that builds capabilities and capacity in GSA offices and programs to address climate risks to their missions.

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