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Question: What changes can we expect with the new Facilities Standards (P100)?

Answer: GSA has issued a new version of the Facilities Standards for the Public Buildings Service (P100), which establishes design standards and criteria for new buildings, repairs and alterations, modernizations, lease construction buildings with government option to purchase, and work in historic structures for the GSA Public Buildings Service (PBS).  The new 2014 P100 focuses on outcomes and performance. 

P100 has traditionally prescribed the means to achieve a specified outcome.  In the new, performance-based P100, PBS defines the required end and leaves it to our professional partners to determine the best way to achieve it.  For example, the former P100 required that the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system in all federal buildings use variable air volume technology.  The new P100 specifies the target performance for an HVAC system—as measured in terms of temperature, humidity, energy efficiency, ventilation and other variables—and leaves it to the designer to decide which technology best achieves that outcome.

The new P100 is more flexible in other ways as well.  Whereas the former version specified just the minimum acceptable standard, the new P100 specifies four acceptable performance levels, or tiers: a mandatory minimum tier (termed the “baseline”) and three tiers that correspond to increasingly higher levels of performance.  This multi-tiered approach provides clear, standardized high-performance benchmarks across our portfolio, and allows a project manager to optimize desired results given a project’s own unique circumstances.  A project manager can “combine tiers” on an individual project.  For example, for a building in a sunny but mild climate, the designer might choose a baseline (minimum) standard for insulation but opt for tier three for windows to limit solar heat gain.

PBS project managers are now incorporating our new performance-based P100 into all new construction as well as major repair and alterations projects.

The P100 is available in electronic format on GSA’s website and on the Whole Building Design Guide website. For more information, contact Martin Weiland at or 202-219-0634.

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