GSA Introduces Web-based Leasing Tool

GSA Mid-Atlantic Region recently introduced a web-based leasing tool, Automated Advanced Acquisition Program (AAAP), which allows people and businesses the opportunity to electronically offer building space for lease to the federal government.  The AAAP tool was designed to consolidate and streamline the leasing process, making for a more efficient, transparent process that also gets the best deal for American taxpayers.  

Building owners and brokers can electronically submit lease offers through the AAAP website; prior to the tool, lease offers were submitted via paper.  Award is made through AAAP to the lowest-priced building that can accommodate the government’s needs in terms of square footage, technical requirements, length of lease term, and delineated area.

Throughout the summer, GSA is hosting AAAP Industry Day events across the Mid-Atlantic Region, presenting the new program to lessors and brokers in eight different cities.  80 lessors and/or brokers attended recent sessions held in Philadelphia and Baltimore.

GSA Regional Administrator Sara Manzano-Díaz provided opening remarks stating, “The AAAP will transform how GSA conducts its leasing by transitioning the system to an electronic platform that will serve as the primary procurement vehicle for GSA to acquire office space.  The launch of this online tool helps GSA achieve better value and savings, serve our partners and make a more sustainable government.”

AAAP Industry Day sessions are also taking place in Norfolk, Richmond, Martinsburg, Charleston, Pittsburgh, and Harrisburg.  Click here to learn more and to register for an AAAP Industry Day.

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Last Reviewed 2016-07-07