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From the Desk of Joanna Rosato

At GSA, we understand that strong partnerships with our federal clients and contractors lead to good business decisions and create more efficient federal workplaces.  In the Focus Summer Edition, you’ll read how such collaboration resulted in a newly renovated Magistrate Courtroom in the Sidney Christie Federal Building in Huntington, WV.  The project team successfully restored the original architecture and interior design features of the historic 1910 building, while enhancing space accessibility and information technology capabilities.  We also highlight the grand opening of a new District Office for the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in Baltimore, MD.  The efficient office design facilitates cohesive teamwork among the agency’s employees and helps them to better serve their clients.

We continue to work toward implementing sustainable practices that reduce the federal government’s environmental footprint and result in cost savings for the American taxpayer.  In this edition, we are honored to share that the Environmental Protection Agency has recognized GSA, as part of the Federal Green Challenge, for advancing sustainability in two federal buildings in Pennsylvania.  You’ll also read how GSA is sharing our expertise in green purchasing and practices on a global scale, with GSA Sustainability Program Specialist Kevin Funk now representing the U.S. Government as a member of the United Nations Sustainable Public Procurement program.  

We continue to explore opportunities for sharing our expertise with our federal clients.  In the Summer Edition, you’ll learn about upcoming webinars designed specifically to share information with our federal clients regarding GSA services, programs, and initiatives.  The webinars, hosted by GSA subject matter experts, are available to GSA clients nationwide.  We also recently hosted 15 of our clients in our Mid-Atlantic Regional Office in Philadelphia.  The experience allowed our guests to learn first-hand about the work GSA does to support their agencies’ operations and missions, while at the same time provided GSA with a deeper understand our clients' business needs.

At the forefront of many of our conversations have been both the advantages and budgetary challenges of achieving space consolidations.  Consolidating federal offices affords the government opportunities to reduce rental payments and utility costs.  Recognizing the advantages and challenges associated with consolidations, Congress provided GSA funding to expressly facilitate federal consolidation efforts via the Fiscal Year 2014 Consolidated Appropriations Act.  In this edition, we discuss how GSA allocated these funds to 19 projects nationwide, which are expected to save federal agencies $38 million in leasing costs and eliminate over a half million square feet of space.  

In our local communities, GSA continues to support Presidential initiatives such as “Promise Zones” and “Strong Cities, Strong Communities.”  In the Summer Edition, we share a recent story of computer donations to schools in need through the Computers for Learning Program.  With hurricane season upon us, we also share available public resources that enable those in our local communities to access timely information about weather conditions or other emergency events, and learn how and when to take action to be safe.

The scope of the work we do here at GSA is vast and varied, but the mission is simple and to the point.  We continue our focus on delivering best value in serving the government and the American people.

Joanna Rosato
Regional Commissioner
Public Buildings Service
GSA Mid-Atlantic Region

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