How Your Agency can Save Money with FSSI Print Management: U.S. Department of State Saves $6.8 Million!

GSA recently assisted the U.S. Department of State (DOS) in awarding a contract, using the GSA Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) for Print Management acquisition vehicle, to the Xerox Corporation for their Enterprise-Wide Domestic Leasing Multi-Function Device (MFD) program.  The contract award will save DOS $6.8 million (37%) over previous solutions with the same requirements and is 100% compliant with the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) requirements at the silver level.

FSSI Print Management improves the acquisition of print and copy devices and services as a holistic commodity management approach.  This acquisition program allows federal agencies to achieve cost and environmental savings.  FSSI for Print Management delivers long-term savings by shifting buying practices from a device-based procurement approach to an approach that provides agencies with the tools to manage and reduce the total costs of owning and operating their device fleet.

FSSI Print Management helps agencies:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Streamline the acquisition process
  • Access a wide range of printers, copiers, and multi-function devices that meet all federal security and sustainability requirements
  • Consolidate print devices, consumables, and all related services to increase management visibility and control
  • Collect and analyze spend and print usage data to identify savings from improving print management behaviors
  • Apply these improvements to specific locations or across entire bureaus and agencies
  • Meet mandated sustainability goals

In preparing to use FSSI for Print Management, the DOS team, led by the Acting Director of Global Publishing Solutions Eric Stein, Program Management Officer Pamela Holton, and Contracting Officer Steven Haines, confirmed that the acquisition vehicle aligned with Executive Order 13589 – Promoting Efficient Spending.  

DOS then reached out to the GSA FSSI for Print Management team to learn more about how to effectively and efficiently leverage the Strategic Sourcing Leadership Council endorsed acquisition vehicle.  The DOS team identified their goals, requirements, and solution framework, while the FSSI for Print Management team reviewed the Request for Quote and Statement of Work, allowing for a streamlined acquisition process.

The contract for the Enterprise-Wide Domestic MFD program that resulted from the partnership between DOS and GSA exemplifies the success of strategic sourcing and provides numerous lessons learned to enhance the FSSI for Print Management acquisition vehicle for future agency use.  If replicated throughout the federal government, this acquisition vehicle affords the potential of additional significant savings for American taxpayers.

This national GSA program is now managed through the GSA Mid-Atlantic Region, and the team has grown the program 267% in one year.  Customers have realized savings on average of 38% on their purchases, decreasing their operating costs while increasing value to the American taxpayer and sales to small businesses.  The GSA FSSI Print Initiative Team was honored with a Silver Medal for Economy in Government Operations at the Philadelphia Federal Executive Board’s 2015 Excellence in Government Awards.  

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Last Reviewed 2015-07-29