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Northwest/Arctic Region earns Seattle 2030 District Vision Award

The Northwest/Arctic Region was recently recognized with a Vision Award from the Seattle 2030 District for having the best performing portfolio in the city. According to the Seattle 2030 District, GSA’s Seattle portfolio is the first to collectively exceed the 2030 District’s existing building energy use reduction target for the year 2030. As of FY 2013, GSA’s Seattle portfolio has reduced energy use by over 52%+, this includes the Henry M. Jackson Building, Federal Courthouse, 700 Stewart St, and the Old Federal Building.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Seattle 2030 District for being 17 years ahead of our time,” said Regional Administrator George Northcroft. “GSA has been and will continue to be a leader in the area of sustainability and making federal buildings greener, smarter, and ultimately more cost effective to operate.”

The Seattle 2030 District is a groundbreaking high-performance building district in Downtown Seattle that aims to dramatically reduce environmental impacts of building construction and operations through education and collaboration across every sector of the built environment. The 2013 Vision Awards honored Seattle 2030 District members for their achievements over the last year, and highlighted current and future Seattle 2030 District programs.


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