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Utility Company Contract No. Mod Utility Service(s) Contract Coverage Expiration Date
AGL Resources, Inc. GS-00P-15-BSD-1161 [PDF - 6.34 MB]   G, DSM FL, GA, IL, MD, NJ, TN, VA 07/11/25
Alabama Gas GS-00P-08-BSD-0586 [PDF - 383.10 KB]   G GT DSM Franchised service areas in Alabama 09/21/18
Alameda Municipal Power GS-00P-13-BSD-0995 [PDF - 397.75 KB]   E DSM I Franchised Service Areas in Alameda, CA 08/05/23
Aliant Energy (Wisconsin Power & Light Co.) GS-00P-06-BSD-0448 [PDF - 323.93 KB]   E ET G GT W DSM Southwestern Wisconsin area 03/02/17
Ameren Services Company GS-00P-08-BSD-0570 [PDF - 748.41 KB]   E G DSM Missouri & Illinois 08/18/18
American Electric Power Service Corp. GS-00P-12-BSD-0845 [PDF - 961.95 KB]   E DSM I VA, WV, IN, MI, KY, TN, OH, LA, AR, TX 02/23/22
Arizona Public Service Co. GS-00P-14-BSD-1052 [PDF - 1.19 MB]   E DSM I Franchised Service Areas in Central Arizona 12/12/23
Atlantic City Electric Company GS-00P-08-BSD-0625 [PDF - 407.15 KB]   E ET DSM Franchised Area in New Jersey 09/22/18
Atmos Energy Corporation GS-00P-08-BSD-0544 [PDF - 557.14 KB]   G DSM CO, GA, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, MS, MI, TN, TX, VA 09/09/18
Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. GS-00P-13-BSD-1004 [PDF - 894.57 KB]   E G DSM I Baltimore/Central MD 08/12/23
Black Hills Utility Holdings, Inc. GS-00P-09-BSD-0626 [PDF - 500.29 KB]   E G DSM Franchised Area in CO, IA, KS, NE 03/02/19
Canoochee EMC GS-00P-11-BSD-0834 [PDF - 769.29 KB]   E DSM Franchised Area in the State of Georgia 07/14/21
Cascade Natural Gas Corporation GS-00P-15-BSD-1139 [PDF - 6.09 MB]   G DSM I Washington & Oregon 06/12/25
CenterPoint Energy Resources GS-00P-13-BSD-0947 [PDF - 488.55 KB]   G DSM I AR, , LA, MS, OK & TX 05/22/23
CenterPoint Energy – Midwest GS-00P-07-BSD-0509 [PDF - 513.18 KB]   G DSM Minnesota 07/01/17
Central Maine Power Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0466 [PDF - 342.63 KB]   E DSM Southern and Central Maine 07/18/16
Chesapeake Utilities GS-00P-15-BSD-1180 [PDF - 6.73 MB]   G DSM Franchised Area in Delaware and Maryland 09/21/25
Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0480 [PDF - 433.41 KB]   E G GT DSM Franchised Area in Wyoming 10/26/16
Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative, Inc. GS-00P-11-BSD-0833 [PDF - 853.38 KB]   E DSM Franchised Area in the State of Florida 06/23/21
City of Oakdale, Louisiana GS-00P-07-BSD-0482 [PDF - 260.24 KB]   W S Oakdale Louisiana area 12/05/16
CLECO Power LLC GS-00P-14-BSD-1053  [PDF - 663.87 KB]   E, DSM Louisiana 12/18/23
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0693 [PDF - 404.18 KB]   E DSM Ohio 09/10/19
Colorado Springs Utilities GS-00P-16-BSD-1216 [PDF - 680.43 KB]   E G I W DSM Colorado Springs CO area 04/11/26
Commonwealth Edison Company  GS-00P-16-BSD-1205 [PDF - 798.48 KB]   E I DSM Franchised Areas in the Chicago, Illinois metropolitan area and Northern Illinois 02/04/26
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. GS-00P-14-BSD-1058 [PDF - 8.17 MB]   E G I STM DSM New York City area 03/23/21
Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, Inc. GS-00P-13-BSD-0959 [PDF - 546.72 KB]   E I Franchised Areas Mexico & Arizona 07/19/23
CPS Energy GS-00P-08-BSD-0552 [PDF - 598.91 KB]   E G DSM Incorporated City of San Antonio 09/28/18
Dayton Power and Light Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0467 [PDF - 261.79 KB]   E Dayton Ohio area 08/07/16
Delmarva Power & Light GS-00P-08-BSD-0616 [PDF - 466.43 KB]   E ET G GT DSM Delaware and Maryland 09/22/18
Detroit Edison GS-00P-06-BSD-0445 [PDF - 1.21 MB]   E Michigan 01/09/19
Dominion Hope GS-00P-08-BSD-0567 [PDF - 498.03 KB]   G DSM Franchised Service Areas of N Central West VA 01/14/19
Duke Energy Indiana, Inc. GS-00P-07-BSD-0520   E DSM No new authorizations will be executed under this contract -use Duke Energy for new service(s) 04/26/17
Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc. GS-00P-07-BSD-0521   E G DSM No new authorizations will be executed under this contract -use Duke Energy for new service(s) 04/26/17
Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. GS-00P-07-BSD-0522   E G DSM No new authorizations will be executed under this contract -use Duke Energy for new service(s) 04/26/17
Duke Energy Carolinas LLC GS-00P-14-BSD-1055 [PDF - 7.82 MB] 1 E  G DSM I North Carolina, South Carolina,Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Florida 06/15/24
East Ohio Gas Company GS-00P-08-BSD-0569 [PDF - 569.22 KB]   G GT DSM Ohio 09/21/18
El Paso Electric GS-00P-09-BSD-0677 [PDF - 771.37 KB] 1 E DSM I El Paso TX & Southern NM areas 08/25/19
Entergy Corporation GS-00P-07-BSD-0499 [PDF - 414.31 KB]   E G GT DSM AR, LA, MS, TX 10/31/16
Eversource Energy Service Company GS-OOP-16-BSD-1211 [PDF - 717.00 KB]   E G  DSM I Franchised Service Areas in MA, CT, NH 03/02/26
Florida Power & Light Company GS-00P-15-BSD-1124 [PDF - 7.02 MB] 1 E DSM I Franchised Service Areas in Florida 12/02/24
Florida Public Utilities Company GS-00P-16-BSD-1215 [PDF - 681.67 KB]   E G  DSM I Franchised Service Areas in Florida 04/19/26
Golden Valley Electric Assoc. GS-00P-16-BSD-1184 [PDF - 785.36 KB]   E DSM I Alaska 03/31/26
Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. GS-00P-13-BSD-0941 [PDF - 714.41 KB]   E DSM I Franchised Service Areas of the Island of Oahu, Island of Hawaii, Island of Maui, Island of Molokai, and the Island of Lanai (Note to COs - In negotiating any authorization under this areawide contract, regarding Article 4.6, COs should also review Article 14.1 and include any of the clauses in 14.1 that you believe to be relevant to the work being done pursuant to the Authorization) 01/02/23
Idaho Power Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0651 [PDF - 398.02 KB]   E DSM Southern Idaho, Eastern OR & Northern NV 10/12/19
Intermountain Gas Company GS·OOP-15-BSD-1169 [PDF - 788.56 KB]   G DSM Southern Idaho 02/28/26
Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative, Inc. GS-00P-14-BSD-1101 [PDF - 5.53 MB]   E Hernadez, New Mexico area 08/25/24
Jersey Central Power & Light Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0479 [PDF - 283.21 KB]   E Central New Jersey 09/21/16
Kansas City Power & Light Co. GS-00P-07-BSD-0526 [PDF - 450.79 KB]   E DSM Kansas & Missouri 08/02/17
Kentucky Utilities Company GS-00P-11-BSD-0821 [PDF - 720.54 KB]   E DSM Kentucky 05/17/21
Louisville Gas & Electric Company GS-00P-11-BSD-0820 [PDF - 789.20 KB]   E G GT DSM Kentucky 05/17/21
Maine Natural Gas Corp. GS-00P-10-BSD-0717 [PDF - 6.64 MB]   G DSM Franchised Service Area in Maine 03/08/20
Metropolitan Edison Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0705 [PDF - 4.41 MB]   E DSM Franchised Area in Southern and Southeastern PA 09/10/19
Michigan Consolidated Gas Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0446 [PDF - 3.38 MB]  1 G Various Michigan Communities 12/20/18
Monongahela Power, DBA Allegheny Power GS-00P-07-BSD-0527 [PDF - 989.40 KB]   E DSM Northern West Virginia & East Ohio 07/14/17
Montana -Dakota Utilities Co. GS·OOP-15-BSD-1169 [PDF - 788.56 KB]   E G DSM Service Areas of Montana, N & S Dakota and WY 02/28/26
National Grid USA Service Company, Inc. GS-00P-12-BSD-0879 [PDF - 898.97 KB]   E ET G GT DSM Franchised service areas of Southwest NY, Northwest NY, Long Island, NY... 02/05/22
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority GS-00P-14-BSD-1060 [PDF - 2.94 MB]   E G W S DSM Navajo Tribal areas of Arizona & New Mexico 10/19/24
New Mexico Gas Company, Inc. GS-00P-15-BSD-1140 [PDF - 6.86 MB]   G GT DSM Franchised service areas of New Mexico 03/18/25
Northern States Power Co. DBA Xcel Energy Minneapolis, MN GS-00P-13-BSD-0996 [PDF - 2.79 MB]   E G GT I Minnesota, Southern South Dakota and Eastern North Dakota 01/13/24
Northern States Power Co. Wisconsin GS-00P-12-BSD-0882 [PDF - 4.17 MB]   E G GT Northwest Wisconsin 06/26/22
Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative GS-00P-13-BSD-1003 [PDF - 7.47 MB]   E DSM Northwestern section of the Commonwealth of Virginia 09/08/24
Northwest Natural Gas Company GS-00P-16-BSD-1183 [PDF - 6.30 MB]   G DSM I Washington & Oregon 10/12/25
NStar Electric Company GS-00P-11-BSD-0829 [PDF - 873.70 KB]   E ET DSM Franchised Service area in Massachusetts 07/18/21
NStar Gas Company GS-00P-12-BSD-0847 [PDF - 836.13 KB]   G DSM Franchised Service area in Massachusetts 10/13/21
OGE Energy Corp. GS-00P-07-BSD-0525 [PDF - 477.36 KB]   E DSM Oklahoma & Arkansas 08/03/17
Ohio Edison Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0701 [PDF - 4.39 MB]   E DSM Ohio 09/10/19
Okaloosa County Gas District GS-00P-15-BSD-1116 [PDF - 7.47 MB]   G DSM I Franchised Service area in Okaloosa, Walton, Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties, Florida 01/27/25
Omaha Public Power District GS-00P-09-BSD-0643 [PDF - 419.59 KB]   E DSM Nebraska 11/03/18
One Gas, Inc. dba Kansas Gas Service, Oklahoma Natural Gas and Texas Gas Service GS-00P-15-BSD-1138 [PDF - 9.37 MB]   G DSM Franchised Service Areas in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas 03/30/25
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. GS-00P-14-BSD-1137 [PDF - 7.79 MB]   E G DSM I Franchised Service Area in  California 12/09/24
Peoples Energy (North Shore Gas) GS-00P-07-BSD-0500 [PDF - 3.96 MB]   G DSM Franchised area in Northern Illinois 10/30/16
PECO Energy GS-00P-06-BSD-0447 [PDF - 399.86 KB]   E G DSM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Metropolitan Area 06/29/16
Philadelphia Gas Works, Inc. GS-00P-08-BSD-0546 [PDF - 441.20 KB]   G DSM City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 06/15/19
Pennsylvania Electric Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0703 [PDF - 4.39 MB]   E DSM Northern and Central Pennsylvania 09/10/19
Pennsylvania Power Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0704 [PDF - 4.40 MB]   E DSM Western Pennsylvania 09/10/19
Peoples Gas System (Florida) GS-00P-08-BSD-0653 [PDF - 407.09 KB]   G DSM Various Florida Communities 02/17/19
Potomac Electric Power Co. GS-00P-10-BSD-0725 [PDF - 803.37 KB]   E DSM Washington DC & Maryland suburbs 04/06/20
Potomac Edison, Dba Allegheny Power GS-00P-08-BSD-0539 [PDF - 432.29 KB]   E DSM Central Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia 04/27/18
PPL Electric Utilities Corporation GS-00P-08-BSD-0565 [PDF - 474.02 KB]   E ET DSM Central & Eastern Pennsylvania 02/28/18
Public Service Company of Colorado GS-00P-16-BSD-1203 [PDF - 11.53 MB]   E G I STM Colorado 01/20/26
Public Service Company of New Mexico GS-00P-05-BSD-0355 [PDF - 487.87 KB] 1   2 E G DSM Franchised areas of Central NM, city of  Albuquerque 08/16/16
Puget Sound Energy GS-00P-15-BSD-1179 [PDF - 535.31 KB]   E G I DSM Franchised Service Areas of Washington State 01/28/26
San Diego Gas & Electric GS-00P-10-BSD-0801 [PDF - 4.88 MB] 1  2 E G DSM I Franchised Territories of California 11/08/20
South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. GS-00P-06-BSD-0379 [PDF - 1.33 MB] 1 E ET G GT STM DSM Southern South Carolina 10/19/16
Southern California Edison GS-00P-09-BSD-0666 [PDF - 4.35 MB]   E ET DSM Franchised Service Area in CA 11/26/18
Southern California Gas Co. GS-00P-14-BSD-1054 [PDF - 8.35 MB]   G GT DSM I Los Angeles & Southern CA 02/29/24
Southern Co. Services – Alabama Power Co. GS-00P-15-BSD-1133 [PDF - 9.26 MB]   E DSM I Franchised Area in Alabama 12/15/24
Southern Co. Services – Georgia Power Co. GS-00P-15-BSD-1134 [PDF - 9.31 MB]   E DSM I Franchised Area in Georgia 12/15/24
Southern Co. Services – Gulf Power Co. GS-00P-15-BSD-1135 [PDF - 9.22 MB]   E DSM I Franchised Area in Florida 12/15/24
Southern Co. Services – Mississippi Power Co. GS-00P-15-BSD-1136 [PDF - 9.22 MB]   E DSM I Franchised Area in Mississippi 12/15/24
Southwestern Public Service Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0481 [PDF - 919.16 KB]   E DSM Franchised Areas of Texas 03/05/17
Southwest Gas Corporation GS-00P-13-BSD-1002 [PDF - 562.30 KB]   1 G DSM Franchised Areas in Arizona, Nevada and CA 12/02/23
Tampa Electric Company (TECO Energy) GS-00P-09-BSD-0652 [PDF - 4.17 MB]   E DSM Tampa, Florida Vicinity 02/17/19
The Gas Company, LLC dba Hawaii Gas GS-00P-16-BSD-1202 [PDF - 494.49 KB]   G DSM I Franchised areas in the Islands of Hawaii, Kauai, Lanai, Maui, Molokai and Oahu 04/18/26
The Peoples Gas Light & Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0476 [PDF - 156.34 KB]   G DSM Chicago, Illinois area 10/30/16
Toledo Edison Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0702 [PDF - 4.40 MB]   E DSM Ohio 09/10/19
Tucson Electric Power Co. GS-00P-13-BSD-0965 [PDF - 403.46 KB]   E DSM I Franchised Areas in Tucson Arizona 06/03/23
Vectren Utility Holdings, Inc. GS-00P-14-BSD-1078 [PDF - 8.42 MB]   G GT DSM I Franchised Areas in Ohio and Indiana (Please contact the GSA Energy Division for required Attachments to Exhibits, as referenced in Article 19.7) 10/09/24
Veolio Energy Baltimore Corporation GS-00P-08-BSD-0585 [PDF - 5.57 MB]   STM Baltimore, Maryland 10/28/18
Virginia Electric and Power Company GS-00P-08-BSD-0560 [PDF - 567.08 KB]   E DSM Franchised Areas of Virginia and North Carolina 08/21/18
Washington Gas Light Co.  GS-00P-16-BSD-1206 [PDF - 614.57 KB]   G GT DSM Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia 03/19/26
West Penn Power, Dba Allegheny Power GS-00P-08-BSD-0540 [PDF - 438.93 KB]   E DSM Western Pennsylvania 04/27/18


E- Electricity

G- Natural Gas

W- Water

S- Sewage

ET- Electric Transmission

GT- Gas Transportation

I - Interconnection

STM- Steam

SLWS- Solid Waste

EM- Electrical Maintenance

DSM- Demandside/ Energy Management

WRM- Water Resource Management

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