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Utility Company Contract No. Mod. Utility Service(s) Contract Coverage Expiration Date
AGL Resources, Inc. GS-00P-05-BSD-0362 1  2  3 G, DSM FL, GA, MD, NJ, TN, VA 07/12/15
Alabama Gas GS-00P-08-BSD-0586   G GT DSM Franchised service areas in Alabama 09/21/18
Alameda Municipal Power GS-00P-13-BSD-0995   E DSM Franchised Service Areas in Alameda, CA 08/05/23
Aliant Energy (Wisconsin Power & Light Co.) GS-00P-06-BSD-0448   E ET G GT W DSM Southwestern Wisconsin area 03/02/17
Ameren Services Company GS-00P-08-BSD-0570   E G DSM Missouri & Illinois 08/18/18
American Electric Power Service Corp. GS-00P-12-BSD-0845   E DSM VA, WV, IN, MI, KY, TN, OH, LA, AR, TX 02/23/22
Arizona Public Service Co. GS-00P-14-BSD-1052   E DSM Franchised Service Areas in Central Arizona 12/12/23
Atlantic City Electric Company GS-00P-08-BSD-0625   E ET DSM Franchised Area in New Jersey 09/22/18
Atmos Energy Corporation GS-00P-08-BSD-0544   G DSM CO, GA, IL, IA, KS, KY, LA, MS, MI, TN, TX, VA 09/09/18
Baltimore Gas and Electric Co. GS-00P-13-BSD-1004   E G DSM Baltimore/Central MD 08/12/23
Black Hills Utility Holdings, Inc. GS-00P-09-BSD-0626   E G DSM Franchised Area in CO, IA, KS, NE 03/02/19
Canoochee EMC GS-00P-11-BSD-0834   E DSM Franchised Area in the State of Georgia 07/14/21
Cascade Natural Gas Corporation GS-00P-15-BSD-1139   G DSM Washington & Oregon 06/12/25
CenterPoint Energy Resources GS-00P-13-BSD-0947   G DSM AR, , LA, MS, OK & TX 05/22/23
CenterPoint Energy – Midwest GS-00P-07-BSD-0509   G DSM Minnesota 07/01/17
Central Maine Power Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0466   E DSM Southern and Central Maine 07/18/16
Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0480   E G GT DSM Franchised Area in Wyoming 10/26/16
Choctawhatchee Electric Cooperative, Inc. GS-00P-11-BSD-0833   E DSM Franchised Area in the State of Florida 06/23/21
City of Oakdale, Louisiana GS-00P-07-BSD-0482   W S Oakdale Louisiana area 12/05/16
CLECO Power LLC GS-00P-14-BSD-1053   E, DSM Louisiana 12/18/23
Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0693   E DSM Ohio 09/10/19
Colorado Springs Utilities GS-00P-06-BSD-0399   E G W S DSM Colorado Springs CO area 05/29/16
Commonwealth Edison Company GS-00P-05-BSD-0361   E DSM Chicago & Northern Illinois 01/15/16
Consolidated Edison Co. of New York, Inc. GS-00P-14-BSD-1058   E G STM DSM New York City area 03/23/24
Continental Divide Electric Cooperative, Inc. GS-00P-13-BSD-0959   E Franchised Areas Mexico & Arizona 07/19/23
CPS Energy GS-00P-08-BSD-0552   E G DSM Incorporated City of San Antonio 09/28/18
Dayton Power and Light Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0467   E G GT STM DSM Dayton Ohio area 08/07/16
Delmarva Power & Light GS-00P-08-BSD-0616   E ET G GT DSM Delaware and Maryland 09/22/18
Detroit Edison GS-00P-06-BSD-0445   E Michigan 01/09/19
Dominion Hope GS-00P-08-BSD-0567   G DSM Franchised Service Areas of N Central West VA 01/14/19
Duke Energy Indiana, Inc. GS-00P-07-BSD-0520   E DSM No new authorizations will be executed under this contract -use Duke Energy for new service(s) 04/26/17
Duke Energy Kentucky, Inc. GS-00P-07-BSD-0521   E G DSM No new authorizations will be executed under this contract -use Duke Energy for new service(s) 04/26/17
Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. GS-00P-07-BSD-0522   E G DSM No new authorizations will be executed under this contract -use Duke Energy for new service(s) 04/26/17
Duke Energy Carolinas LLC GS-00P-14-BSD-1055   E  G DSM North Carolina, South Carolina,Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Florida 06/15/24
East Ohio Gas Company GS-00P-08-BSD-0569   G GT DSM Ohio 09/21/18
El Paso Electric GS-00P-09-BSD-0677   E DSM El Paso TX & Southern NM areas 08/25/19
Entergy Corporation GS-00P-07-BSD-0499   E G GT DSM AR, LA, MS, TX 10/31/16
Florida Power & Light Company GS-00P-15-BSD-1124   E DSM Franchised Service Areas in Florida 12/02/24
Golden Valley Electric Assoc., Inc. GS-00P-06-BSD-0372   E DSM Fairbanks Alaska area 03/31/16
Hawaiian Electric Company, Inc. GS-00P-13-BSD-0941   E DSM Franchised Service Areas of the Island of Oahu, Island of Hawaii, Island of Maui, Island of Molokai, and the Island of Lanai 01/02/23
Idaho Power Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0651   E DSM Southern Idaho, Eastern OR & Northern NV 10/12/19
Intermountain Gas Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0381   G DSM Southern Idaho 02/28/16
Jemez Mountains Electric Cooperative, Inc. GS-00P-14-BSD-1101   E Hernadez, New Mexico area 08/25/24
Jersey Central Power & Light Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0479   E Central New Jersey 09/21/16
Kansas City Power & Light Co. GS-00P-07-BSD-0526   E DSM Kansas & Missouri 08/02/17
Kentucky Utilities Company GS-00P-11-BSD-0821   E DSM Kentucky 05/17/21
Louisville Gas & Electric Company GS-00P-11-BSD-0820   E G GT DSM Kentucky 05/17/21
Maine Natural Gas Corp. GS-00P-10-BSD-0717   G DSM Franchised Service Area in Maine 03/08/20
Metropolitan Edison Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0705   E DSM Ohio 09/10/19
Michigan Consolidated Gas Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0446   G Various Michigan Communities 12/20/18
Monongahela Power, DBA Allegheny Power GS-00P-07-BSD-0527   E DSM Northern West Virginia & East Ohio 07/14/17
Montana -Dakota Utilities Co. GS-00P-06-BSD-0371   E G DSM Service Areas of Montana, N & S Dakota and WY 02/16/16
National Grid USA Service Company, Inc. GS-00P-12-BSD-0879   E ET G GT DSM Franchised service areas of Southwest NY, Northwest NY, Long Island, NY... 02/05/22
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority GS-00P-14-BSD-1060   E G W S DSM Navajo Tribal areas of Arizona & New Mexico 10/19/24
New Mexico Gas Company, Inc. GS-00P-15-BSD-1140   G GT DSM Franchised service areas of New Mexico 03/18/25
Northern States Power Co. DBA Xcel Energy Minneapolis, MN GS-00P-13-BSD-0996   E G GT Minnesota, Southern South Dakota and Eastern North Dakota 01/13/24
Northern States Power Co. Wisconsin GS-00P-12-BSD-0882   E G GT Northwest Wisconsin 06/26/22
Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative GS-00P-13-BSD-1003   E DSM Northwestern section of the Commonwealth of Virginia 09/08/24
Northwest Natural Gas Company GS-00P-05-BSD-0365   G Washington & Oregon 10/22/15
NStar Electric Company GS-00P-11-BSD-0829   E ET DSM Franchised Service area in Massachusetts 07/18/21
NStar Gas Company GS-00P-12-BSD-0847   G DSM Franchised Service area in Massachusetts 10/13/21
OGE Energy Corp. GS-00P-07-BSD-0525   E DSM Oklahoma & Arkansas 08/03/17
Ohio Edison Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0701   E DSM Ohio 09/10/19
Okaloosa County Gas District GS-00P-15-BSD-1116   G DSM Franchised Service area in Okaloosa, Walton, Santa Rosa and Escambia Counties, Florida 01/27/25
Omaha Public Power District GS-00P-09-BSD-0643   E DSM Nebraska 11/03/18
One Gas, Inc. dba Kansas Gas Service, Oklahoma Natural Gas and Texas Gas Service GS-00P-15-BSD-1138   G DSM Franchised Service Areas in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas 03/30/25
Pacific Gas & Electric Co. GS-00P-14-BSD-1137   E G DSM Franchised Service Area in  California 12/09/24
Peoples Energy (North Shore Gas) GS-00P-07-BSD-0500   G DSM Franchised area in Northern Illinois 10/30/16
PECO Energy GS-00P-06-BSD-0447   E G DSM Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Metropolitan Area 06/29/16
Philadelphia Gas Works, Inc. GS-00P-08-BSD-0546   G DSM City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 06/15/19
Pennsylvania Electric Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0703   E DSM Northern and Central Pennsylvania 09/10/19
Pennsylvania Power Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0704   E DSM Western Pennsylvania 09/10/19
Peoples Gas System (Florida) GS-00P-08-BSD-0653   G DSM Various Florida Communities 02/17/19
Potomac Electric Power Co. GS-00P-10-BSD-0725   E DSM Washington DC & Maryland suburbs 04/06/20
Potomac Edison, Dba Allegheny Power GS-00P-08-BSD-0539   E DSM Central Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia 04/27/18
PPL Electric Utilities Corporation GS-00P-08-BSD-0565   E ET DSM Central & Eastern Pennsylvania 02/28/18
Public Service Company of Colorado GS-00P-06-BSD-0385   E G GT STM DSM Colorado 01/21/16
Public Service Company of New Mexico GS-00P-05-BSD-0355   E G DSM Franchised areas of Central NM, city of  Albuquerque 08/16/15
San Diego Gas & Electric GS-00P-10-BSD-0801   E G DSM Franchised Territories of California 11/08/20
South Carolina Electric & Gas Co. GS-00P-06-BSD-0379   E ET G GT STM DSM Southern South Carolina 04/19/16
Southern California Edison GS-00P-09-BSD-0666   E ET DSM Franchised Service Area in CA 11/26/18
Southern California Gas Co. GS-00P-14-BSD-1054   G GT DSM Los Angeles & Southern CA 02/29/24
Southern Co. Services – Alabama Power Co. GS-00P-15-BSD-1133   E DSM Franchised Area in Alabama 12/15/24
Southern Co. Services – Georgia Power Co. GS-00P-15-BSD-1134   E DSM Franchised Area in Georgia 12/15/24
Southern Co. Services – Gulf Power Co. GS-00P-15-BSD-1135   E DSM Franchised Area in Florida 12/15/24
Southern Co. Services – Mississippi Power Co. GS-00P-15-BSD-1136   E DSM Franchised Area in Mississippi 12/15/24
Southwestern Public Service Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0481   E DSM Franchised Areas of Texas 03/05/17
Southwest Gas Corporation GS-00P-13-BSD-1002 1 G DSM Franchised Areas in Arizona, Nevada and CA 12/02/23
Tampa Electric Company (TECO Energy) GS-00P-09-BSD-0652   E DSM Tampa, Florida Vicinity 02/17/19
The Peoples Gas Light & Company GS-00P-06-BSD-0476   G DSM Chicago, Illinois area 10/30/16
Toledo Edison Company GS-00P-09-BSD-0702   E DSM Ohio 09/10/19
Tucson Electric Power Co. GS-00P-13-BSD-0965   E DSM Franchised Areas in Tucson Arizona 06/03/23
Vectren Utility Holdings, Inc. GS-00P-14-BSD-1078   G GT DSM Franchised Areas in Ohio and Indiana (Please contact the GSA Energy Division for required Attachments to Exhibits, as referenced in Article 19.7) 10/09/24
Veolio Energy Baltimore Corporation GS-00P-08-BSD-0585   STM Baltimore, Maryland 10/28/18
Virginia Electric and Power Company GS-00P-08-BSD-0560   E DSM Franchised Areas of Virginia and North Carolina 08/21/18
Washington Gas Light Co. GS-00P-06-BSD-0393   G GT DSM Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia 03/19/16
West Penn Power, Dba Allegheny Power GS-00P-08-BSD-0540   E DSM Western Pennsylvania 04/27/18


E- Electricity

G- Natural Gas

W- Water

S- Sewage

ET- Electric Transmission

GT- Gas Transportation

STM- Steam

SLWS- Solid Waste

EM- Electrical Maintenance

DSM- Demandside/ Energy Management

WRM- Water Resource Management

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