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Federal Fleet Management Training

Thank you for attending the Federal Fleet Management Training held at the Washington Auto Show on January 28-30, 2014. The GSA Office of Motor Vehicle Management is proud to have hosted this event in collaboration with GSA's Office of Government-wide Policy, and the Department of Energy, Federal Energy Management Program. Training topics focused on the latest information regarding operating and maintaining fleets, and complying with mandates and regulations for owned and leased Federal Fleets. 

Here you will find the presentations that were shown during the training sessions; grouped by the date they were presented. If you have questions or comments about the presentations or the training event, please email us at .

Document Format Size
Federal Fleet Management Training Agenda PDF 135KB

January 28, 2014

Topic Format Size
Fleet Sustainability and Energy Requirements PDF 792KB
Future of Fleet Data PDF 756KB
Operating your GSA Leased Vehicle PDF 584KB

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January 29, 2014

Topic Format Size
Achieving Petroleum Reduction Requirements PDF 1.68MB
Fed Fleet Performance PDF 700KB
Federal Fleet Regulations & Policies PDF 496KB
GSA MVM Update PDF 632KB
Partnering for More E85 Fueling Sites in the DC Region PDF 644KB

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January 30, 2014

Topic Format Size
Complying with Requirement to Use Alternative Fuel PDF 904KB
Fleet Card Preventing Abuse PDF 1.02MB
GSA MVM Systems Overview PDF 1.82MB
GSA Purchasing Overview PDF 2.46MB
GSA SmartPay Fleet Management Essentials PDF 324KB
I am a New Fleet Manager PDF 5.60MB
License Plate Management PDF 6.85MB
Meeting Energy Mandates PDF 1.65MB
Understanding Driver Refueling Behavior PDF 1.82MB
Using Exchange-Sale PDF 7.88MB
Using FleetDASH to Reduce Petroleum Consumption PDF 2.09MB

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