"Healing Garden" Sculpture Is a Sustainable Oasis

The “Healing Garden,” a new work commissioned by GSA’s Art in Architecture program, took the spotlight recently at the Center for Food and Safety and Applied Nutrition of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in College Park, Md.

The sculpture has already enhanced the FDA site and permitted even greater vegetation and wildlife to thrive while enabling employees to take a break from the monotony of pavement, asphalt and their workstations.

NCR Regional Commissioner Julia Hudson praised artist Michael Singer for his thought-provoking art, stating, “He complimented the basic objectives of GSA’s Sustainability and Design Programs, which are essentially to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy productive environments. I think Michael deserves an A+.”

The sculpture  consists of a series of low granite walls, benches, and water features within the Wiley Building’s courtyard, part of the FDA’s College Park campus. The design also integrates textured granite, both exposed and hidden water channels, and a spiral water well enveloped by vegetation.


People celebrating the new sculpture for the healing garden   Integrated water channels flow throughout sections of the unique sculpture
Celebrating the new sculpture are, from left to right: James Sawyer of the FDA, GSA NCR Regional Commissioner Julia Hudson, artist Michael Singer, and Tom Williams of the FDA.   Integrated water channels flow throughout sections of the unique sculpture.
Last Reviewed 2010-09-21