Maintenance, Repair & Operations Supplies (MRO)

GSA offers federal agencies a fast and effective way to purchase these strategically sourced Maintenance, Repair & Operations supplies at discounted prices.The federal government currently spends nearly $1.6 billion a year on these supplies.

MRO strategic sourcing goals aim to:

  • Offer uniform prices;
  • Measure total cost savings;
  • Report/transactional data;
  • Aid agencies in managing their MRO spend;
  • Reach socio-economic goals;
  • Drive regulatory compliance; and
  • Provide sustainable solutions.

About the MRO Purchase Channel Solution

GSA has established BPAs with nine contractors to sell products under the Maintenance, Repair & Operations strategic sourcing solution. Eight of these BPA holders are small businesses. Average pricing is 12 percent lower than offered previously within the government marketplace.

Products are grouped into the following three categories in order to streamline offerings and ensure lower prices:

  • Hardware.
  • Tools and Tool Cabinets
  • Paints, Adhesives and Sealants

These categories cover a wide range of products. Agencies can access this pricing through GSA Advantage!®, DoD EMALL or contractor-operated websites, catalogs and brick-and-mortar stores, using their federal SmartPay2, government purchase card, or purchase order.

MRO blanket purchase agreements fall under GSA’s Schedule 51V, the Hardware SuperStore.

MRO Video

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For assistance, please contact the MRO team via email at or call the GSA National Customer Service Center (NCSC) toll-free at 1(800) 488-3111, Option 3 for FAS Products and Services.

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