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Sustainability Posters

Sustainability posters can help promote sustainable behaviors and raise awareness about energy, water, waste, and commuting. Posters can be viewed and downloaded here. Each poster is in .pdf format and measures 11x17 inches.

Terms of Use: These posters are provided free-of-charge and may be used to help educate and promote sustainability. The posters are Copyright © 2014 by the General Services Administration and may not be altered in any way. If used online, the unaltered image must also be credited to the General Services Administration with a link back to


Traffic Hallucinations? Seeing too much of this? Get to work fast - Telework Feeling Congested? Try Telework Reduce Congestion - Take the train Find more me time - take the bus

Overloaded with paper? Overwhelmed with paper? Size does matter! Recycling makes the world go around Really want to score? Recycle cell phones
Print double Grow something good - compost paper Grow something good - compost food waste

Give us a rest Think Sustainability Last one to leave?

Save water Don't be a drip


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