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Outleasing Government Office Space

GSA maintains Government-owned buildings throughout the South at occupancy rates well above commercial occupancy rates, often at 100% occupancy. In unique situations where a vacancy exists and a federal tenant is not available, GSA can outlease Government-owned office space to a private entity, state, or local government. 

How would you like to have your address listed on the National Register of Historic Places? GSA currently offers various historic properties for office outlease. This allows GSA to bolster its contributions to the Federal Buildings Fund, which in turn makes additional funds available for building repairs and improvements, helping to maintain the building’s historic integrity without burdening taxpayers. Income from outleasing allows us to complete restoration and conservation projects that might not be possible otherwise.  Examples of such recently completed projects include: fabrication of missing exterior and lobby lighting fixtures, exterior cleaning of aluminum architectural details, conservation of New Deal murals and sculptures, and installation of a lightning protection system.    Please take a look at our building list below for outleasing opportunities in your area.  Specific building points of contact are listed and will be happy to assist you.  

Building Name City/State Vacant USF Point of Contact
Strom Thurmond Courthouse Columbia, South Carolina 40,298
Gene Snyder U.S. Courthouse and Custom House Louisville, Kentucky 17,084
U.S. Courthouse Rome, Georgia 15,656
Century Station Federal Building and Post Office Raleigh, North Carolina 11,526
Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Columbia, Tennessee 9,860
Federal Building Greenville, Mississippi 5,949
Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Dothan, Alabama 3,014
G.W. Andrews Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse Opelika, Alabama 2,320
J. Roy Rowland U.S. Courthouse Dublin, Georgia 2,241
G. Ross Anderson Jr. Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse   Anderson, South Carolina 1,543
U.S. Post Office and U.S. Courthouse Athens, Georgia 1,459



Adam Oliver
(404) 562-0785

John Behizadeh
(404) 562-2951

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