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Mobile Lifecycle & Expense Management Program

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The Managed Mobility’s Mobile Lifecycle & Expense Management (ML&EM) program is an enhancement of the pre-existing GSA’s Telecommunication Expense Management Program. We provide ample resources for agencies looking for procurement solutions that reduce wireless costs without changing service plans. ML&EM potential sources are capable of helping you optimize rate plans, identify inventory and billing errors, eliminate unused lines, improve security controls, manage device disposition and disposal, monitor spending, and load security measures on a device to protect the end user.

This program was developed with the cooperation of industry, and in close collaboration with agencies such as DOD, DISA, DOE, DHS, DOI, USDA, and many others.  Together we have developed:

The ML&EM Program office has taken this information and further developed a user guide (PDF, 378KB) made available for agencies to conduct their procurements, including:

  • Listing the partners and resellers associated with each potential source of service/supply
  • Identifying acquisition pathways against various government-wide acquisition vehicles under which to procure ML&EM
  • Helping with acquisition strategy development and scope reviews
  • Providing an adaptable, repeatable mechanism that can account for variable market conditions.

How federal agencies have used ML&EM

Agencies have saved an average of 26 percent on total wireless spending. One agency eliminated over 900 redundant accounts, saving $200 Million, annually.

The Department of Homeland Security achieved a 245 percent return on investment (ROI).

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), awarded a small business industry partner on a ML&EM/TEMS project to consolidate buying and management for 16,000 wireless lines. The industry partner currently manages over 21,000 wireless lines for CBP.

After 36 months, the ML&EM/TEMS providers have produced more than $6.9M in savings and reduced the monthly average cost per unit for service plans from approximately $70 to $48.

Available Documents and Links for ML&EM

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