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Telecommunications & Mobile Lifecycle Management Program

market analysis screen

TEMS/MLM looks at ways to further reduce wireless costs without or after changing service plans.

TEMS/ MLM offers insight for your agency on how to:

  • optimize rate plans;
  • identify inventory and billing errors;
  • eliminate unused lines;
  • improve security controls;
  • manage device disposition and disposal;
  • monitor spending, and
  • load security measures on a device to protect the end user.

The program is a partnership of industry, GSA, and agencies such as DOD, DISA, DOE, DHS, DOI, USDA, and many others. Together we developed:

Our Telecommunications Expense Management and Mobile Lifecycle Management (TEMS/MLM) program enhances GSA’s pre­existing Telecommunication Expense Management Program (TEMS).

Download the user guide (PDF, 378KB) to conduct your procurements. The user guide:

  • Lists the partners and resellers associated with each potential source of service/supply;
  • Identifies acquisition pathways against various government­wide acquisition vehicles;
  • Helps with developing an acquisition strategy, and
  • Provides an adaptable, repeatable mechanism that can account for variable market conditions.

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