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Mobile Device and Application Management Core Functions

Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management (MDM/MAM) solutions have comprehensive core functions that make them indispensable for agencies to manage mobile assets.

  • Mobile Device Management (MDM) – Device management and other mobile management functions, including operations, policy, security, configuration, mobile network performance, application support (application performance, version control, distribution, etc.), and mobile data management (on devices).   
  • Mobile Application Management (MAM) - Mobile application management (MAM) and mobile application store (MAS) management to perform application monitoring, reporting, security, and deployment.  
  • MDM/MAM Integration - Activities relating to integration, transition, deployment, and operations of an MDM/MAM solution within an agency’s infrastructure.  

More information on core functions can be found in our User Guide (PDF, 816KB) and Requirements Document (PDF, 861KB). 

• Device enrollment
• Profile provisioning
• Profile management
• Multi-profiles per device
• Feature management
• Multi-OS support
• Device remote control- on/off , track/control camera/microphone/Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, roaming, geofencing
• Data collection
• Secure data, files, applications
• Multi-email support
• Personal information management (PIM) support
• Automated security checks
• Provision, control, track devices
• Device reporting
• VOIP, video, real-time chat support
• Coop and disaster recovery
• Wipe data/apps
• Classified data, PIV, Biometric, Network monitoring

• Controlled application deployment
• Enable/disable commercial app stores
• Installed application reporting
• Blocking application purchases
• Application whitelisting /blacklisting
• Enterprise mobile app store (MAS)
• Application security
• Mutual authentication
• Detect/enforce device environment conditions
• Require app digital signatures
• Third-party app mutual authentication
• Software integration services

• Support for implementation and installation, including deployment, transition, system integration, and training
• Operations support such as a help desk, a demonstration platform, and enterprise configuration

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